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200-Mwe Prototype Large SGR: Reactor Structure Design and Evaluation
From abstract: This document presents the reactor structure design and evaluation for a 200-Mwe prototype large SGR.
Addendum to the Spert IV Hazards Summary Report: Capsule Driver Core
From abstract: "explain all important features pertaining to a new pulsed irradiation reactor, the Capsule Driver, Core, and to analyze the potential problems and hazards of operating this reactor in the existing Spert IV facility."
AGN-GAM: an IBM 7090 Code to Calculate Spectra and Multigroup Constants
From abstract: The IBM-7090 code is discussed together with the subroutines for writing and revising the library tapes.
Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Nuclear Reactor Support Structure
Report containing experiments regarding the slopes and deflections of different grid support structures for a nuclear reactor.
Analytical Chemistry Division Annual Progress Report for Period Ending November 15, 1964
Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing progress and work conducted by the Analytical Chemistry Division. Instrumentation, analytical methods, reactor projects, service analysis, and special research is presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Application of Nuclear Power Plants (SNAP Units) to the Manned Orbiting Research Laboratory (MORL)
Abstract: This report describes in detail two designs of a nominal 6-kwe Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), one using thermoelectrics for power conversion and the other using the Mercury-Rankine cycle NPP.
An Approximate Solution for the Vaporization of Liquid Droplets Formed During Re-Entry Ablation
Introduction: The purpose of this report is to describe a mathematical model which will help solve the ultimate-particle-size problem by estimating the evaporative mass losses during that portion of re-entry when the fuel is in liquid form.
Arguello Area (ARMS-II)
No Description Available.
Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: October 1 - December 31, 1964
Report documenting the progress of the Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program to develop a mobile nuclear power plant for military field operation.
Automatic Indexing: A State-of-the-Art Report
Report presenting a state-of-the-art survey of automatic indexing systems and experiments. It was conducted by the Research Information Center and Advisory Service on Information Processing, Information Technology Division, Institute for Applied Technology, National Bureau of Standards. Consideration is first given to indexes compiled by or with the aid of machines, including citation indexes. Advantages, disadvantages, and possibilities for modification and improvement are discussed. Experiments in automatic assignment indexing are summarized. Related research efforts in such areas as automatic classification and categorization, computer use of thesauri, statistical association techniques, and linguistic data processing are described. A major question is that of evaluation, particularly in view of evidence of human inter-indexer inconsistency. It is concluded that indexes based on words extracted from text are practical for many purposes today.
The Boundary Effect on Gamma-Ray Transport From a Point Source
Report measuring the density interface effect on gamma-ray intensities resulting from a point source. Results suggested a phenomenological representation to describe the behavior.
Calandria Core Weld Joint Development
Abstract: The design and initial test of cutting and welding equipment developed to remotely cut and re-weld the bottom process tube joint are discussed in this report.
Calculations of the Madelung Constant and Inverse Twelfth Power Repulsion Factors for the Wurtzite Crystal Structure
From abstract: The Madelung constant and the inverse twelfth power repulsion factor have been calculated for the wurtzite structure for wide ranges of the crystal parameters and u.
Calibration of Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers
Report discussing important elements of thermometer design. Factors affecting the use of common types of liquid-in-glass thermometers are included together with tables of tolerances and reasonably attainable accuracies. The calculation of corrections for the temperature of the emergent stem is given in detail for various types of thermometers and conditions of use.
Carbide Fuels in Fast Reactors
Abstract: Cladding and fuel material processing prospects are reviewed, and fuel system possibilities for near-term (~1 mill/kwh) and long-range (<0.5 mil/kmh) fuel cycles are described.
Carbon-14 Measurements in the Atmosphere - 1953 to 1964
Report regarding a program that measured carbon-14 that was released into the atmosphere above the United States via nuclear testing.
Changes in Stratigraphic Nomenclature by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1963
A report that fits in a series of reports that are about changes in stratigraphic nomenclature and that will list publications in which the changes have been describes. It deals with stratigraphy, including those defining changes in stratigraphic nomenclature in reports of the U.S. Geological Survey.
Characteristics of U.S. Rice Fields and Their Effects on Ground Mobility
"The primary objective of this study was to obtain information on the environmental characteristics of rice fields in the United States and the effect of these characteristics on ground mobility for comparison with similar characteristics of rice fields in Southeast Asia as data from the latter become available" (p. vii).
Close-in Air Blast from a Row Charge in Basalt
From abstract: Close-in air blast measurements were made on the Dugout shot. Major constituents of the blast wave were the ground-shock-induced pulse and the pulse from venting gases. The ground-shock-induced pulse was the dominant one at all stations.
A Comparative Evaluation of Advanced Converters
Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing advanced converters. Comparisons of advanced converters are presented. This report includes tables, and illustrations
Comparative Fuel Cycle Evaluations, Low Decontamination Pyroprocessing, and Aqueous Reprocessing: Part 2. UC Fuel in a Thermal Reactor
From abstract: Preliminary cost estimates for fuel cycles using both aqueous and CARBOX reprocessing are presented.
A Comparison of Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Power Plants for Use with All-Ceramic Gas-Cooled Reactors
Report that "compares gas turbines with steam turbines as means of producing electric power from gas-cooled reactors with all-ceramic fuel elements." (p. 1)
Copper: A Materials Survey
Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing surveys conducted on copper. Physicality, mineral properties, history, geology, production methods, and uses of copper are presented. This report includes maps, tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Corrosion of the Volatility Pilot Plant INOR-8 Hydrofluorinator and Nickel 201 Fluorinator During Forty Fuel-Pprocessing Runs with Zirconium-Uranium Alloy
Report documenting the corrosion of fluorinators of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's volatility pilot plant. Includes descriptions of the fluorinators, their operating environments, and the results of their corrosion.
Crater Measurements
From abstract: Based upon the results of Project Pre-Schooner new cratering curves for basalt have been developed. The deepest detonation Charlie, produced a mound of broken rock and earth that had a crater-like depression in its center entirely above the preshot ground surface.
Craters From Four Equal Charges in a Horizontal Square Array
Craters were observed resulting from square arrays of 64-pound charges at various spacings and depths. The closest spacings yielded craters very like those from single 256-pound charges, while wider spacings yielded craters more or less square in shape and with a mound or pier at the center. Generally, the areas so uncovered were greater than for single 256-pound charges, except for very deep charges. Volumes, too, were enhanced by this configuration by as much as a factor of three. If the same factor is maintained for nuclear charges, the cost per unit volume of a crater from such an array will be within 20 percent of that for a single charge.
Design, Construction, and Initial Operation of General Atomic In-Pile Loop
From preface: To test the HTGR fuel-element design under environmental conditions of radiation, temperature, and pressure that approximate those in the Peach Bottom core and to test the operability of a dynamic system containing a vented graphite-clad fuel element.
Desorption of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen From Sea Water
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies on seawater degasification with a focus on desorption of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The results are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Development, Acceptance and Qualification Testing of the SNAP 10A Ejectable Heat Shield
From abstract: The development, acceptance, and qualification tests performed on the SNAP-10A Ejectable Heat Shield and components, the results of those tests, and the conclusions drawn from the results are presented in this report.
The Development of an Improved Thermionic Energy Converter: Third Quarterly Technical Report
From introduction: The objective of the current program is to determine the feasibility of the reservoirless converter operation by conducting a series of tests on operating thermionic converters which contain cesium in the vapor phase only.
Development of High-Temperature Electrical Ground Test Heaters for the SNAP 10A Program
Introduction: The development and qualification of the system acceptance test heaters and the reactor simulator heater are described in this progress report.
Distribution of Weapons Radiation in Japanese Residential Structures
Report wherein the distribution of neutron and gamma radiation in Japanese-style single and group houses are studied to evaluated radiation exposure in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Effect of Carburization on the Low Strain Rate Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel: Interim Report
Abstract: Pressure stress-rupture specimens of thin walled Type 304 stainless steel tubing have been tested at temperatures to 1300°F in the presence of an internal diffusion limited carbon source.
Effects of Thermal Shrinkage on Built-up Roofing
From Introduction: "The object of this research was to identify and study some of the factors involved in premature failures and to relate the pertinent factors to roof performance."
An Elliptic Integral Computer Package for Magnetic Fields, Forces, and Mutual Inductances of Axisymmetric Systems, and a Versatile Line-Tracing Routine
No Description Available.
Engineering and Economic Feasibility Study for a Combination Nuclear Power and Desalting Plant: Phases 1 and 2
Scope: As defined by the subcontract, Bechtel's responsibility is to determine the engineering and economic feasibility and preliminary design of a combination power and desalting plant using a nuclear energy heat source, which plant shall be deemed suitable for operation by the District by the year 1970.
Engineering Development of a Foam Column for Countercurrent Surface-Liquid Extraction of Surface-Active Solutes
Report documenting the problems, design, and operation of countercurrent liquid-foam columns.
Engineering Evaluation of Factors Affecting Quality of Water Sources Available for Saline Water Conversion Plants
Report investing the "effects of contaminated raw water supplies on conversion processes," and studying "potential technical and economic advantages of combination saline water and sewage effluent conversion plants" (p. 1).
An Engineering Evaluation of the Long-Tube Vertical Falling-Film Distillation Process
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over engineering studies on the long-tube vertical falling-film distillation process. As stated in the introduction, "it is the objective of this report to study the falling-film distillation and to prepare an engineering evaluation of the process and the design of major items of equipment, with particular emphasis upon improving production and operational reliability and upon reducing product cost" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Engineering Properties of Nuclear Craters, Report 3: Review and Analysis of Available Information on Slopes Excavated in Weak Shales
This report provides information about slope stability problems which will arise if a new canal is excavated through the types of weak shale encountered along the present Panama Canal. It includes a discussion about the general problem and possible approaches, a review of previous experience, and a description of the new study.
Evaluated Neutron Cross Sections for Tritium
From foreword: Evaluation of the experimental data on the light isotopes, hydrogen through beryllium, was initiated by LASL in mid-1963. Since the data compilations available were completely inadequate for the task at hand, the tedious program of compiling and plotting was undertaken. As the work progressed an attempt was made to eliminate many of the obvious errors and inconsistencies found in the literature and existing compilations.
Experience in the Shipment of Yankee Fuel Assemblies for Post-Irradiation Examination
From abstract: This report presents the knowledge and experience gained from fifteen spent Yankee Core I fuel assemblies shipments. It discusses the equipment employed, the approvals required, and the technical and administrative problems that had to be resolved.
Experimental Infection of Beagles with Echo Virus Type 6
Report issued by the Atomic Energy Commission over experimental studies conducted on beagles infected with the Echo 6 virus. Detailed step-by-step methods of the studies are presented and discussed. The results are also presented. This report includes tables.
Extension of Programs for Calculations of Great Circle Paths and Sunrise-Sunset Times
Modification of an earlier program to remove restrictions in calculating the short or long great circle path.
Fast Flux Test Facility Studies Progress Report: April 1965
From abstract: "...limited study work was performed on the conceptual design of the proposed fast flux test facility and information was obtained in important areas of supporting technology."
Fatigue Characteristics of 37-Tube, Modular, Steam Generator Head
Abstract: This report presents the pertinent results of a series of fatigue tests relating to the evaporator and superheater 37-tube module heads for the sodium heated steam generator described in NAA-SR-9826.
Final Design of Sodium-Heated, Modular, Steam Generators for the SCTI
Abstract: The following report covers the final design of the modular steam generators.
Final Report: Geological, Geophysical, Chemical, and Hydrological Investigations of the Sand Springs Range, Fairview Valley, and Fourmile Flat, Churchill County, Nevada
From foreword: This final report covers all investigations by certain personnel of the University of Nevada for the United States Atomic Energy Commission in connection with its Shoal nuclear event.
Final Report: Investigation of Boiling Flow Regimes and Critical Heat Flux
From abstract: A program to investigate the mechanism of the critical heat flux condition from the standpoint of flow regimes has been initiated at Dynatech for the AEC. This report covers the work done on this investigation in the first year.
Final Report on Re-entry Flight Demonstration Number Two
Abstract: RFD-2 was the second of Sandia's operational safety flight tests of systems for nuclear auxiliary power.