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30 Megawatt Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Sodium Cooled Reactor System
Final design for the 30 megawatt intermediate heat exchanger and steam generator.
30 Megawatt Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Sodium Cooled Reactor System: Volume 2, Chemical and Stress Analysis
Chemical engineering analysis and stress analysis for design of the 3 megawatt intermediate heat exchanger and steam generator for service with a liquid sodium heat transfer fluid.
30 Megawatt Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Sodium Cooled Reactor System: Volume 4, Operation and Maintenance Procedures
Operation and maintenance procedures for 30 megawatt heat exchanger and steam generator for sodium cooled reactor system.
1000 MegaWatt Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study: Volume 1
From introduction: "Summary report of the 1000 MWe Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study performed by the General Electric Company."
1000 MegaWatt Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study: Volume 2
From introduction: "Presents the detailed description of a 1000 MW Electric Power Plant employing one or two Boiling Water Reactors as the steam source."
1000 MegaWatt Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study: Volume 3
From introduction: "Contains the appendices and a complete set of drawings related to the 1000 MWe Boiling Water Reactor Plant Feasibility Study performed by the General Electric Company for the United States Atomic Energy Commission."
Addendum to the Spert IV Hazards Summary Report: Capsule Driver Core
From abstract: "explain all important features pertaining to a new pulsed irradiation reactor, the Capsule Driver, Core, and to analyze the potential problems and hazards of operating this reactor in the existing Spert IV facility."
Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 4. Steam Driven Coolant Pumps
Fourth part of the "final report of a study directed toward the evolution, design, and demonstration of the principle design features of interim indirect cycle water cooled and moderated nuclear power plants which will be useful in early cooperative programs between the Atomic Energy Commission and the United States maritime industry" (p. i).
Advanced Test Reactor Burnout Heat Transfer Tests
From abstract: "Results of burnout test to determine the limiting heat flux in a simulated Advanced Test Reactor fuel element channel."
Advanced Test Reactor: Final Shielding Design Report
From abstract: "This report has been prepared as a design reference document describing the calculation methods and engineering results for shielding analysis work done during the design of the Advanced Test Reactor."
Advanced Test Reactor Servo Regulator Rod Test Program
From abstract: "Verify rod mechanism characteristics reported by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, demonstrate that rod mechanism characteristics were compatible with reactor kinetics and that over-all reactor system behavior was stable, and to recommend system modifications needed for satisfactory performance."
Advanced Test Reactor Turbo Report
From abstract: "The time-dependent behavior of the Advanced Test Reactor was calculated by the Babcock & Wilcox Company on the Philco 2000 computer, using the Turbo depletion program."
Aerial Radiological Monitoring System
From abstract: "This report describes the Aerial Radiological Measuring System (ARMS-II) operated by EG&G, Inc., for the Division of Biology and Medicine, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission."
Analysis of Failure of Type 304 Stainless Steel Clad Swaged Powder Fuel Assembly
From introduction: "The purpose of this report is to describe the observations made during the post-irradiation examination of HPD-2S, and to discuss possible modes of failure.
Analytical Chemistry Division Annual Progress Report, December 31, 1960
Report presenting research and development papers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Analytical Chemistry Division.
Analytical Chemistry Division Annual Progress Report, September 30, 1968
Report containing the ongoing research and development of the Oak Ridge National laboratory's Analytical Chemistry Division.
Analytical Studies of Transient Effect in Fast Reactor Fuels: [Part] 1
From abstract: "An experimental program to evaluate the performance of FCR and EFCR fuel during transient operation is outlined and possible mechanisms of failure are analyzed."
The Application of Data Processing Techniques to a Maintenance Work Control Program
Description of a data collection and reporting system which was devised and installed in the Union Carbide Nuclear Company's Y-12 Plant Maintenance Division.
Gas-Cooled Reactor Project Semiannual Progress Report: March 1964
Report documenting ongoing research and developments at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Gas-Cooled Reactor Project. From summary: "A study was made of the effect of the energy of extraneous source neutrons on the amplitudes of higher modes in the flux distribution of a subcritical reactor."
Assembly of Fifty Prototype Fuel Elements for the Experimental Gas-Cooled Reactor
Report that describes the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Experimental Gas-Cooled Reactor, problems with the procurement and assembly of its components, and its economic feasibility.
Automatic Mass Spectrometer for Isotopic Analysis of Lithium
Report discussing an improvement program on lithium mass spectrometers.
Beta-Gamma Dose Rates from U232 in U233
This report defines in detail the source of the dose rate of U233 and describes a method by which they may be predicted.
Chemical Coolants for Machining Uranium in the Presence of Trace Amounts of Chloride
Discussion of laboratory tests to reduce uranium corrosion.
Chemical Technology Division Annual Progress Report, May 31, 1961
Report documenting the ongoing research and developments of the Chemical Technology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Chemical Technology Division Annual Progress Report, May 31, 1968
Report documenting the ongoing research of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Chemical Technology Division. This report includes tables, diagrams, graphs, and articles related to chemical technology.
Chromosomal Aberrations in a Natural Population of Chironomus Tentans Exposed to Chronic Low-Level Environmental Radiation
From introduction: "Cytological examinations of the irradiated and some unirradiated populations in the radioactive sediments of White Oak Creek and the Clinch River were made."
The Cold Pressing of Sinterable UO₂
The intent of this work was to explore more fully the pressing of sinterable UO2 powders into cylindrical compacts in the hope that a more precise prediction of green density in terms of powder properties, pressure, and geometry could be evolved.
Comparative Cost Study of Processing Stainless Steel-Jacketed UO2 Fuel: Mechanical Shear-Leach vs Sulfex-Core Dissolution
Comparison of the economics of mechanical shear-leach and Sulfex decladding-core dissolution head end treatments for processing typical tubular bundles of stainless steel-jacketed UO2 nuclear fuels.
Comparative Study of PuC-UC and PuO₂-UO₂ as Fast Reactor Fuel
From abstract: "This section, Part II, extends the comparison of two ceramic fuel systems to include the fuel cycle cost comparison in greater detail particularly with respect to fabrication and reprocessing unit costs."
Comparison of Two Sodium-Cooled, 1000 MegaWatt Fast Reactor Concepts: Task 1 Report of 1000 MegaWatt Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Follow-On Work
From introduction: "The development of one or more nuclear steam supply system concepts, with certain trade-off studies to aid in the definition of these concepts. The selection of a reference concept for further study."
A Computer Program for Determining First-Collision Neutron Doses
Data processing program written to compute the neutron dose received by individuals exposed in a nuclear excursion.
Conceptual Design for 75 MWe Mixed Spectrum Superheating Reactor Power Plant
"This report presents the conceptual design of a 75 MWe prototype Mixed Spectrum Superheater power plant. The scope of the work has emphasized primarily the design, performance, and cost information on the nuclear portion of the plant. The research and development programs required to insure plant feasibility are also present."--Intro.
Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant
Report from Hanford Laboratories concerning "the design and construction of the 100-N Reactor and heat dissipation plant complete with the necessary auxiliaries" (p. 2). Details of its construction and the plant's systems and instrumentation are described as well as economic considerations.
Critical Mass Studies of Plutonium Solutions
Chain reacting conditions for plutonium nitrate in water solution have been examined experimentally for a variety of sizes of spheres and cylinders.
Cubic Spline, a Curve Fitting Routine
A method of mathematically fitting a curve through a given ordered set of points has been developed and programmed in fortran computer language.
Data Book: Physical Properties and Flow Characteristics of Air
Data book to used as an aid in calculations on physical properties and flow characteristics of air.
Design and Economic Evaluation of Fixed Blankets for Fast Reactors
Report evaluating the design characteristics and limitations of fixed blankets for breeder reactors. This also includes economic considerations for each tested blanket.
Design and Economic Evaluation of Mobile Blankets for Fast Reactors
Report evaluating the design characteristics and limitations of mobile blankets for breeder reactors. This also includes economic considerations for each tested blanket. Appendices begin on page 40.
The Design and Performance of Levitation Melting Coils
The purpose of this study was to provide a means for evaluating the various parameters involved in the design and performance of levitation coils.
Design, Fabrication, and Irradiation of Superheat Fuel Element SH-4B in VBWR
From abstract: "The design, fabrication, and irradiation results are described for a 0.028 inch thick 304 stainless clad fuel element (SH-4B) exposed in the Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor loop under superheat conditions."
The Design of a Dynamic Corrosion and Chemical Control Test Loop and Preliminary Out-of-Pile Test Results
From abstract: "This report describes the overall loop design and the means by which this design was developed. These include critical facility measurements, analog computer calculations, hydraulic and heat transfer computations, and the construction and operation of an out-of-pile mock-up loop to determine the dynamic characteristics of the loop."
Design Study of a 600 MWe Boiling Water - Separate Superheat Reactor Plant
From introduction: "This report provides a final design and cost estimate for a 607 MWe Boiling Water - Separate Superheat Reactor Plant."
Design Study: Sodium Modular Reactor
This study was undertaken for the USAEC under Contract AT(04-3)-189, Project Agreement No. 6, to investigate desirable features of a sodium cooled, graphite moderated uranium fueled power reactor using the modular concept, and, based on this investigation, evaluate the economic potential of this reactor type.
Determining the "State of Charge" of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries by Farad Capacitance Measurements
From abstract: "A rapid simple method has been developed for determining state of charge of the widely used nickel-cadium rechargeable battery. The method described is based on the experimentally verified relationship between farad capacitance and state of charge."
The Development and Testing of UO2 Fuel Systems for Water Reactor Applications: Summary Report, July 1, 1961 - June 15, 1962
From introduction: "The work described in this report represents the Joint United States - European Atomic Energy Community effort which is in keeping with the spirit of cooperation in contributing to the common good by the sharing of scientific and technical information and minimizing the duplication of effort by the limited pool of technical talent available in Western Europe and the United States."
Economic Evaluation of a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor
Report describing a 300-Mw(e) Supercritical Pressure Power Reactor's facilities, physics, economics, and problems encountered during its development. Appendix begins on page 103.
EDP Procedures in Technical Library Operations
Systems for circulation control, book ordering, journal renewal, printing a book catalog, preparing monthly acquisitions lists.
Effect of Radiation Damage on SM-1, SM-1A and PM-2A Reactor Vessels
Report describing the status of the SM-1, SM-1A, and PM-2A reactors, specifically regarding the effects "of irradiation on nil-ductility transition temperature and the associated problem of brittle fracture." (p. iii)
Effect of Superheat and Moisture Separation on the SM-2 Design
From abstract: "The study evaluates the utilization of superheat and moisture separation techniques in the SM-2 design to improve the steam plant reliability and thermal efficiency. Ease of packaging, steam plant transient response, and capital costs are also considered. The reference design used for comparison is the steam cycle employing saturated steam at 600 psia described in APAE No. 40, Volume II."
Effects of Major Parameters on Cycle Efficiency and Cost for a Gas-Cooled Reactor Turbine Power Plant
Cycle study performed on a closed loop Brayton cycle incorporating a gas-cooled nuclear reactor, regeneration, and compressor intercooling. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of various cycle parameters on efficiency and cost.