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AEC Group Shelter

Description: Report regarding the study of an underground group-shelter meant to protect against nuclear blasts, radiation, and fallout. The report presents a design for such a shelter, the minimum requirements that such a shelter should meet, a description of its facilities, illustrations, and an operating manual.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Holmes & Narver
Item Type: Report

Comparative Nuclear Effects of Biomedical Interest

Description: Report containing environmental consequences of nuclear explosions with a primary focus on early effects such as exposure to blasts and radiation. Includes definitions of terms, the progression of an explosion, and graphs depicting the relationship between the effects of blasts and the distance of material from Ground Zero.
Date: September 1960
Creator: White, Clayton S.; Bowen, I. Gerald; Richmond, Donald R. & Corsbie, R. L.
Item Type: Report

Methods and Techniques of Fallout Studies Using a Particulate Simulant

Description: From Abstract: "These data are important for personnel protection on a national basis in the event of war and on a local basis in the event of certain types of nuclear accidents. This report discusses the need for such information and suggests methods for obtaining it."
Date: August 1960
Creator: Lee, William & Borella, Henry M.
Item Type: Report