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Aerodynamic characteristics and flap loads of the brake-flap installation on the 0.40-scale model of the F4F-3 left wing panel

Description: From Introduction: "The data are presented in coefficient form and include lift, drag, and pitching-moment coefficients of the airfoil-flap comoinations and the normal-force, chord-force, and hinge-moment coefficients of the upper (perforated split) flap and lower (slotted) flap."
Date: October 1942
Creator: Liddell, Robert B

Application of Balancing Tabs to Ailerons

Description: Analysis was made to determine characteristics required of a balancing-tab system for ailerons in order to reduce aileron stick forces to any desired magnitude. Series of calculations based on section data were made to determine balancing-tab systems of various chord tabs and ailerons that will give, for a particular airplane, zero rate of aileron hinge moment with aileron deflection and yet will produce same maximum rate of roll as a plain unbalanced 15-percent chord aileron of same span. Effects of rolling velocity and of forces in tab link on aileron hinge moments have been included.
Date: June 1, 1942
Creator: Sears, Richard I.

The Characteristics of Two Model Six-Blade Counterrotating Pusher Propellers of Conventional and Improved Aerodynamic Design

Description: Two airfoil plans were used for propeller blades. One is modified Clark Y section designed for structural reliability and the second an NACA 16 airfoil section designed to produce minimum aerodynamic losses. At low air speeds, the propeller designed for aerodynamic effects showed a gain of from 1.5 to 4.0 percent in propulsive efficiency over the conventional type depending on the pitch. Because of the numerous variables involved, the effect of each one on the aerodynamic characteristics of the propellers could not be isolated.
Date: April 1, 1942
Creator: Pepper, Edward & McHugh, James G.