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Analytical theory of the Campini propulsion system

Description: From Summary: "The present report deals exclusively with the particular jet-propulsion system mentioned in the cited reports. The discussion is limited, for the present, to the analytical study of the efficiency and the consumption for the case of application to aircraft and to the plotting of the practical operating curves secured theoretically by the use of suitable experimental factors."
Date: March 1942
Creator: Campini, S

Correlation of data on the statistical theory of turbulence

Description: The statistical theory of turbulence affords an excellent medium for representing the kinematic conditions in turbulent flow and also serves as a valuable aid to exact experimental research. But it is still not developed enough for solving dynamic processes. Even in the simplest case of isotropic turbulence the calculation of the correlation curve or of the decrement of turbulence invariably reaches a point where clear-cut assumptions, such as omission of the inertia terms, or, earlier, mixing length assumptions or even merely general dimensional considerations, must be made.
Date: March 1, 1942
Creator: Wieghardt, K

Electrical equipment for the experimental study of the dynamics of fluids

Description: This report contains the description of electric anemometers and their application to the study of turbulent fluid flows, of electric tanks for the realization of the analogies between electrology and aerodynamics and their application to the study of varied technical problems, and lastly of the electric condenser type dynamometer and its application to the prediction of the aerodynamic forces on wing and airplane models in wind-tunnel tests and in controlled and spontaneous rotations.
Date: March 1, 1942
Creator: Ferrari, Carlo

An Experimental Investigation of Flow Across Tube Banks

Description: Flow across tube banks was investigated by surveys of total dynamic and static pressure by visualization of the flow through the use of titanium tetrachloride smoke, by thermocouple surveys of heated tubes, and by hot-wire surveys of both heated and unheated tubes. It was found that turbulence increased as the depth of the bank increased and that the broad wake behind each tube affected flow over the succeeding tubes.
Date: March 1, 1942
Creator: Brevoort, M.J. & Tifford, A.N.

Investigation of the forces acting on gliders in automobile-pulley-winch and airplane towed flight

Description: The magnitude, the direction, and the fluctuation of towing forces exerted upon gliders by towing them aloft behind an automobile, by means of a winch, and by airplane were measured under a variety of conditions covering a range from gentle to severe types of operation. For these tests the towing forces did not exceed 92 percent of the gross weight of the glider. The results indicate that in pulley and winch towing the towing forces are of about the same magnitude as in automobile towing. Speed increases in the accelerated phases of the towing jerks encountered in airplane towing can readily become critical as speeds in excess of placard speeds can be attained. Passage through the slipstream of the towing airplane can be equivalent to a severe gust that, at high speed, may impose high wing loads and require large control moments.
Date: March 1, 1942
Creator: Klemperer, W B

New method of extrapolation of the resistance of a model planing boat to full size

Description: The previously employed method of extrapolating the total resistance to full size with lambda(exp 3) (model scale) and thereby foregoing a separate appraisal of the frictional resistance, was permissible for large models and floats of normal size. But faced with the ever increasing size of aircraft a reexamination of the problem of extrapolation to full size is called for. A method is described by means of which, on the basis of an analysis of tests on planing surfaces, the variation of the wetted surface over the take-off range is analytically obtained. The friction coefficients are read from Prandtl's curve for turbulent boundary layer with laminar approach. With these two values a correction for friction is obtainable.
Date: March 1, 1942
Creator: Sottorf, W

Stability of elastically supported columns

Description: A criterion is developed for the stiffness required of elastic lateral supports at the ends of a compression member to provide stability. A method based on this criterion is then developed for checking the stability of a continuous beam-column. A related method is also developed for checking the stability of a member of a pin-jointed truss against rotation in the plane of the truss.
Date: March 23, 1942
Creator: Niles, Alfred S & Viscovich, Steven J