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Primary view of Accident-Severity Rates For Certain Metal Mines
Adams, William Waugh
September 1926
Primary view of Carbon Tetrachloride Extinguisher of Electric Fires
Katz, S. H.; Gleim, E. J. & Bloomfield, J. J.
July 1923
Primary view of Coal-Mine Fatalities in May, 1926
Adams, William Waugh
June 1926
Primary view of Comparison of Gas Masks, Hose Masks, and Oxygen-Breathing Apparatus
Katz, S. H. & Bourquin, J. J.
June 1923
Primary view of Destructive Distillation of Mixtures of Oil and Coal
Davis, Joseph D.; Place, Palmer B. & Scott, G. S.
December 1921
Primary view of Drilling and Dustiness of Metal-Mine Air
Harrington, D.
March 1922
Primary view of Future Timber Supply for Coal Mines: What One Company is Doing
Tracy, L. D.
November 1926
Primary view of Industrial Accidents in the California Oil Fields
Miller, H. C.
December 1923
Primary view of Metal Mine Ventilation and its Relation to Safety and Efficiency in Mining Operations
Harrington, D.
June 1920
Primary view of Recovery of Gasoline From Uncondensed Still Vapors
Dow, Donald B.
April 1922
Primary view of Recovery of Gold from Black Sand Tailings
Gross, John
October 1920
Primary view of The Recovery of Unburned Fuel from Boiler Furnace Refuse
Fraser, Thomas & Yancey, H. F.
September 1921
Primary view of Results of Assays of the New Albany Oil-Shale
Reeves, John R.
June 1923
Primary view of Talc Mining in New York
Ladoo, Raymond B.
October 1920
Primary view of Temperatures in Cabs of Freight Locomotives Passing Through Tunnels of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad
Katz, S. H. & Meiter, Edward George
July 1924
Primary view of The Use of Oxygen or Oxygenated Air in Metallurgical and Allied Processes: Report of the Committee for the Application of Oxygen or Oxygenated Air
Davis, F. W.
July 1923
Primary view of What is Known about the Effect of Smoke on Health
White, William Charles
December 7, 1926