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Bibliographies of Industrial Interest : Thermodynamic Measurements on the Systems CO₂-H₂O, CuCl₂-H₂0,H₂SO₄-H₂O, NH₃-H₂O, H₂S-H₂O, ZnCl₂-H₂Oand H₃PO₄-H₂O

Description: Abstract: Contained herein are bibliographies of Sources of experimental and correlated thermodynamic data for seven binary aqueous mixtures of industrial importance, namely mixtures of CO2, H2S, NH3, H2S0, H3P4, CuCl2 and ZnCl2 with water. The categories of equilibrium data included in the bibliographies are activity and osmotic coefficients, equilibria in solution, enthalpies and heat capacity data, vapor-liquid equilibria, and phase equilibrium data.
Date: September 1986
Creator: Staples, B. R.

A Bibliography of Sources of Thermodynamic Data for the Systems: CO₂+NH₃+H₂O, CO₂+H₂S+H₂O, H₂S+NH₃+H₂O, and CO₂+NH₃+H₂S+H₂O

Description: Abstract: Contained herein is a bibliography of sources of experimental and correlated thermodynamic data for the systems: CO₂ + NH₃ + H₂O, CO₂ + H₂S + H₂O, H₂S + NH₃ + H₂O, and CO₂ + NH₃ + H₂S + H₂O. The types of data in this bibliography include all types of equilibrium data, including both eqilibria [sic] in solution and vapor-liquid equilibrium data, enthalpies, heat capacities, and densities. There are 215 references cited. Bibliographic Data Sheet.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Goldberg, Robert N. & Steckler, D. K.

Compiled Thermodynamic Data Sources for Aqueous and Biochemical Systems: an Annotated Bibliography (1930-1983)

Description: Abstract: This is a selected and annotated bibliography of sources of compiled and evaluated chemical thermodynamic data relevant to biochemical and aqueous systems. The principal thermodynamic properties considered herein are Gibbs energy and equilibrium data, enthalpies of formation and reaction, heat capacities and entropies, and the corresponding partial molar and excess properties. Derived quantities used in calculating the above are also included. Transport and mechanical data have also been identified to a lesser degree. Included in the annotations to the data sources are brief descriptions of the types of properties tabulated, the classes of materials dealt with, and the degree of completeness of the compilations.
Date: December 1984
Creator: Goldberg, Robert N.

Computerization of Welding Information

Description: From abstract: The Workshop on Computerization of Welding Information, sponsored by the National Bureau of Standards and the American Welding Institute, was held August 5-6, 1986 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Forty-two welding engineers, welding managers, and computer scientists gathered to discuss the necessity and design of databases for welding information. Each subject was introduced by specialists in that area.
Date: June 1988
Creator: Siewert, T. A. & Jones, J. E.

Computerizing Materials Data -- A Workshop for the Nuclear Power Industry

Description: Abstract: This report summarizes the recommendations of a Workshop in Computerized Materials Data as related to engineers in the Nuclear Power Industry. Four areas of discussion are featured: the content of a proposed data system; its size and data sources; the user interfaces and system capabilities; and ways of making further progress. In addition, changes in the use of materials data in the Nuclear Power Industry and progress-to-date in computerizing these data are presented.
Date: January 1985
Creator: Rumble, John, Jr. & Westbrook, Jack H.

Cooperative Research Opportunities at NBS

Description: From page 5: Numerous opportunities exist for scientists and engineers from industrial professional trade and other organizations to collaborate in research at the National Bureau of Standards on projects of mutual interest. To accomplish its objective of supplying the measurement foundation for industry, science, and technology. NBS conducts research in many areas, including advanced ceramics, automated manufacturing, opto-electronics, and biotechnology.
Date: 1986
Creator: United States. National Bureau of Standards.

Criteria for the Installation of Energy Conservation Measures

Description: From abstract: Standard installation practices were developed to assist in assuring the effectiveness and safety of energy conservation measures installed under the Residential Conservation Service (RCS). They serve as mandatory standards under RCS but are recommended guides for all installations of the covered materials and products. The criteria are being used by DoE to develop training manuals for installers, inspectors, and energy auditors.
Date: July 1981
Creator: Trechsel, Heinz R. & Launey, Shelia J.

Determining Cost-Effective Insulation Levels for Masonry and Wood-Frame Walls in New Single-Family Housing

Description: Report issued by the National Bureau of Standards over calculations for cost-effective insulation in single-family housing. Different calculations are made with regards to location, energy pricing, heating and cooling equipment available, and financial criteria. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Petersen, Stephen R.; Barnes, Kimberly A. & Peavy, Bradley A.

Directory of Accredited Laboratories: 1984

Description: Abstract: Laboratories accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) are identified along with the specific test methods for which they are accredited. The current status of existing accreditation programs is given for laboratories that test thermal insulation, freshly mixed concrete, carpet, wood burning stoves, paint, and personnel radiation dosimeters, and that provide acoustical testing services. Indexes are provided for searching the Directory for laboratories accredited in specific testing areas or for specific test methods.
Date: February 1985
Creator: NVLAP (Program : U.S.)