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Primary view of The 300 H.P. Benz Aircraft Engine
Heller, A.
January 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. control position recorder
Norton, F. H.
May 1922
Primary view of N.A.C.A. Langley field wind tunnel apparatusthe tilting manometer
Norton, F. H. & Bacon, D. L.
January 1921
Primary view of N.A.C.A. recording  air speed meter
Norton, F. H.
October 1921
Primary view of Absolute coefficients and the graphical representation of airfoil characteristics
Munk, Max
June 1921
Primary view of Absolute dimensions of Karman vortex motion
Heisenberg, Werner
January 1923
Primary view of Adaptation of aeronautical engines to high altitude flying
Kutzbach, K
May 1923
Primary view of Aeronautical instruments
Bennewitz, Kurt
June 1923
Primary view of Air flow investigation for location of angle of attack head on a JN4h airplane
Freeman, R. G.
August 1925
Primary view of Air force and three moments for F-5-L Seaplane
unknown creator
February 1922
Primary view of The air propeller, its strength and correct shape
Dietsius, H.
February 1923
Primary view of Air resistance measurements on actual airplane parts
Weiselsberger, C
November 1, 1923
Primary view of Aircraft engine design
Wilson, E E
January 1, 1925
Primary view of Airfoil lift with changing angle of attack
Reid, Elliott G
September 1, 1927
Primary view of Airplane balance
Huguet, L
June 1921
Primary view of Airplane crashes: engine troubles : a possible explanation
Sparrow, Stanwood W
March 1, 1921
Primary view of Airplane performance as influenced by the use of a supercharged engine
De Bothezat, George
May 1920
Primary view of Airplane superchargers
Noack, W G
May 1, 1921
Primary view of Airplanes in horizontal curvilinear flight
Kann, Heinrich
January 1924
Primary view of An altitude chamber for the study and calibration of aeronautical instruments
Reid, J E & Kirchner, Otto E
November 1925
Primary view of Analysis of Dr. Schaffran's propeller model tests
Munk, Max M.
September 1923
Primary view of Aneroid investigations in Germany
Hersey, M D
October 1, 1921
Primary view of The arithmetic of distribution in multi-cylinder engines
Sparrow, Stanwood S
October 1, 1923
Primary view of An automatic speed control for wind tunnels
Zahm, A F
February 1928