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630A Maritime Nuclear Steam Generator Scoping Study
From foreword: This report presents the results of a study of a nuclear steam generator which uses reactor technology during the aircraft nuclear propulsion program to produce superheated steam for marine propulsion.
630A Maritime Nuclear Steam Generator: Status Report Number 1
From foreword: The primary purpose of this document is to set forth the current status of the 630A Nuclear Steam Generator, under development for the U.S. AEC.
High Temperature Materials and Reactor Component Development Programs Annual Report: 1962, Volume 1 - Materials
From introduction: This report is one of three volumes of the first annual progress report on the GE-NMPO high-temperature materials program conducted during calendar year 1961.
High Temperature Materials Program Progress Report: Number 7, Part A
From introduction: Included is a summary of the work on five of the eighteen specific development programs in progress.