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Hydrogeology of the Sarasota-Port Charlotte Area, Florida

Description: From purpose and scope: The objective of this investigation was to define the hydrogeologic framework of the surficial, intermediate (Tamiami-upper Hawthorn aquifer and lower Hawthorn-upper Tampa aquifer), and Floridian aquifers in the Sarasota-Port Charlotte area, including their regional extent, thickness, hydraulic properties, water quality, and their interrelation in the regional ground-water flow system.
Date: 1983
Creator: Wolansky, Richard M.

Water Resources of the Myakka River Basin Area, Southwest Florida

Description: Abstract: Ground water in the Myakka River basin area is obtained from a water-table aquifer and from five zones in an artesian aquifer. Wells in the water-table aquifer yield generally less- than 50 gal/min and dissolved solids concentration is less than 500 mg/1 except in coastal areas and the peninsula southwest of the Myakka River estuary. Wells in the Venice area that tap zone. 1 usually yield less than 30 gal/min. The quality of the water is good except in the peninsula area. Zone 2 is the most highly developed aquifer in the heavily populated coastal areas. Wells yield as much as 200 gal/min. In most areas, water is of acceptable quality.Wells that tap zone 3 yield as much as 500 gal/min. Fluoride concentration ranges from 1 to 3.5 mg/1. Zone 4 yields as much as 1,500 gal/min to large diameter wells. Except in the extreme northeastern part of the area water from zone 4 usually contains high concentrations of fluoride and sulfate. Zone 5 is the most productive aquifer in the area, but dissolved solids concentrations usually are too high for public supply except in the extreme northeast.Surface water derived from natural drainage is of good quality except for occasional high color in summer.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Joyner, B. F. & Sutcliffe, H., Jr.