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Primary view of Analyses of Alaska Coals
Gates, George O. & Fieldner, Arno Carl
Primary view of Analyses of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon Coals
Andrews, David A.; Hendricks, Thomas A. & Huddle, John W.
Primary view of Analyses of Kentucky Coals
McFarlan, Arthur C.
Primary view of Analyses of Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas Coals
Andrews, David A. & Huddle, John W.
Primary view of Analyses of Pennsylvania Anthracitic Coals
Ashley, George H.; Toenges, Albert L.; McElroy, G. E.; Siclen, M. Van; Buch, J. W.; Snyder, N. H. et al.
Primary view of Analyses of Virginia Coals
Eby, J. Brian, (James Brian), 1896-; Campbell, Marius Robinson, 1858-1940; Paul, J. W.; Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966; Cooper, Harry Mac, 1882-; Osgood, F. D., 1888-1935 et al.
Primary view of Analyses of Washington Coals: Supplement to Technical Paper 491
Yancey, H. F. & Geer, M. R.
Primary view of Analyses of West Virginia Coals
Price, Paul H.; Heck, E. T.; Fieldner, Arno Carl; Toenges, Albert L.; Anderson, R. L.; Snyder, N. H. et al.
Primary view of Approximate Quantitative Microscopy of Pulverized Ores, Including the Use of the Camera Lucida
Coghill, Will H. & Bonardi, J. P.
October 1919
Primary view of The Bowie-Gavin Process: Its Application to the Cracking of Tars and Heavy Oils, Also to the Recovery of Oil from Oil-Soaked Sands or Shales, or from Oil Shales
Bowie, C. P.
Primary view of A Carbon Monoxide Recorder and Alarm
Katz, Sidney H.; Reynolds, D. A.; Frevert, H. W. & Bloomfield, J. J.
Primary view of Change Houses in the Lake Superior Region
Kindall, Cleve Edwin
September 1923
Primary view of The Constituents of Coal Soluble in Phenol
Frazer, J. C. W. & Hoffman, E. J.
Primary view of Construction and Operation of a Single-Tube Cracking Furnace for Making Gasoline
Bowie, C. P.
July 1915
Primary view of Cost Keeping for Small Metal Mines
Pickering, J. C.
February 1919
Primary view of Crater Wells, Richland Gas Field, Louisiana
Hill, Harry Blackburn
Primary view of Development, Mining, and Handling of Ore in Folded and Faulted Areas, Red Iron Mines, Birmingham District, Alabama
Crane, W. R.
Primary view of Directions for Sampling Coal for Shipment or Delivery
Pope, George S.
June 1917
Primary view of Dust Respirators: Their Construction and Filtering Efficiency
Katz, Sidney H.; Smith, G. W. & Meiter, E. G.
Primary view of Efficiencies in the Use of Bituminous Coking Coal as Water-Gas Generator Fuel
Odell, W. W.
October 1923
Primary view of Engine Service Tests of Internal-Combustion Engine Lubricating Oils Made from California Crude Petroleum
Gavin, Martin Joseph & Wade, Gustav
Primary view of Engineering Report of Cotton Valley Field, Webster Parish, Louisiana
Ross, J. S.
Primary view of Experiments in the Use of Back Pressures on Oil Wells
Swigart, T. E. & Bopp, C. R.
September 1924
Primary view of Experiments in Underground Communication Through Earth Strata
Ilsley, L. C.; Freeman, H. B. & Zellers, D. H.