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Primary view of Cooperative Measurements of Radio Fading in 1925
Dellinger, J. H.; Jolliffe, C. B. & Parkinson, T.
August 17, 1927
Primary view of Coupled Circuits in Which the Secondary has Distributed Inductance and Capacity
Cohen, Louis
Primary view of Density and Thermal Expansion of Ethyl Alcohol and of its Mixtures with Water
Osborne, N. S.; McKelvy, E. C. & Bearce, H. W.
Primary view of Dependence of Magnetic Hysteresis upon Wave Form
Lloyd, Morton G.
Primary view of The Determination of the Constants of Instrument Transformers
Agnew, P. G. & Fitch, T. T.
Primary view of A Direct-Reading Device for Use in Computing Characteristics of Vacuum Tungsten Lamps (with Computing Chart)
Skogland, J. F.
Primary view of Effect of Rate of Temperature Change on the Transformations in an Alloy Steel
Scott, Howard
July 10, 1919
Primary view of Effective Resistance and Inductance of Iron and Bimetallic Wires
Miller, John M.
Primary view of Efflux of Gases Through Small Orifices
Buckingham, Edgar & Edwards, Junius David
January 28, 1920
Primary view of The Electrical Conductivity of Commercial Copper
Wolff, F. A. & Dellinger, J. H.
Primary view of Equilibrium in the System: Lead Acetate, Lead Oxide, and Water, at 25⁰
Jackson, Richard F.
Primary view of Formulas, Tables and Curves for Computing the Mutual Inductance of Two Coaxial Circles
Curtis, Harvey L. & Sparks, C. Matilda
August 5, 1924
Primary view of Measurements on the Thermal Expansion of Fused Silica
Souder, Wilmer H. & Hidnert, Peter
April 13, 1926
Primary view of A Modified Method for the Determination of Relative Wave-Lengths
Priest, Irwin G.
Primary view of The Mutual Inductance of Two Circular Coaxial Coils of Rectangular Section
Rosa, Edward B. & Cohen, Louis
Primary view of A New Determination of the Ratio of the Electromagnetic to the Electrostatic Unit of Electricity [Part 1]
Rosa, Edward B. & Dorsey, N. E.
Primary view of A New Form of Standard Resistance
Rosa, Edward B.
October 1, 1908
Primary view of New Forms of Instruments for Showing the Presence and Amount of Combustible Gas in the Air
Weaver, E. R. & Weibel, E. E.
June 23, 1919
Primary view of A New Interferential Dilatometer
Priest, Irwin G.
February 28, 1920
Primary view of On the Establishment of the Thermodynamic Scale of Temperature by Means of the Constant-Pressure Thermometer
Buckingham, Edgar
Primary view of On the Standard Scale of Temperature in the Interval of 0⁰ to 100⁰ Celsius
Waidner, C. W. & Dickinson, H. C.
Primary view of Platinum Resistance Thermometry at High Temperatures
Waidner, C. W. & Burgess, George K.
Primary view of Selective Radiation from the Nernst Glower
Coblentz, W. W.
Primary view of Specific Heat of Copper in the Interval 0⁰ to 50⁰ Celsius with a Note on Vacuum-Jacketed Calorimeters
Harper, D. R.