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The Boron-Carbon System: Quarterly Report No. 1, May 1, 1960 - June 31, 1960
Abstract: A definitive investigation of the boron-carbon equilibrium system is being made by X-ray diffraction, metallographic, and thermal analytical techniques. Alloys are being produced by sintering pressed powder aggregates with subsequent arc melting. Alloys have been made at two atomic percent intervals up to thirty atomic per cent carbon. In the future, higher carbon compositions are to be investigated. Techniques have been worked out for the metallographic preparation of the extremely hard and friable alloys.
Determination of Total X-Ray Beam Energy With a Calibrated Ionization Chamber
From Abstract: "This report describes the use of an air-filled aluminum-alloy ionization chamber to determine the energy transported by a bremsstrahlung beam with maximum photon energy in the range 6 to 170 Mev. This report can be used to construct a replica chamber to determine its absolute calibration between 6 and 170 Mev under a variety of experimental conditions."
Effects of Major Parameters on Cycle Efficiency and Cost for a Gas-Cooled Reactor Turbine Power Plant
Cycle study performed on a closed loop Brayton cycle incorporating a gas-cooled nuclear reactor, regeneration, and compressor intercooling. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of various cycle parameters on efficiency and cost.
EURATOM PROGRAM "Improved Zirconium Alloys"
Introduction: "This report is an expanded version of the regular monthly letter report and is prepared in this form with the intention of reviewing work on the subject program for Euratom technical personnel. Work performed during the month of September, which normally constitutes the entire letter report, has been condensed under one heading."
Fuel Cycle Program Progress Report: Eleventh Quarter, January-March 1963
Quarterly progress report discussing activities related to the Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor (VBWR) and related facilities.
High Power Density Development Project: Interim Report, 300 MWe HPD Conceptual Design Study
From introduction: "Preliminary design and analysis of the 300 MWe core."
Improved Zirconium Alloys : Ninth Monthly Report Covering the Period December 1 to December 31, 1960
The following report is the ninth in a series of monthly reports covering the program with the objective of developing alloys having superior 680 F water and/or 750 to 900 F steam corrosion resistance, as well as developing higher strength alloys for current temperature ranges while still maintaining corrosion resistance comparable to that of Zircaloy-2. This report was made covering the period December 1 to December 31, 1960.
In-Pile Loop Investigations of Corrosion of Zircaloy-2 and Other Possible Reactor Materials in 0.04 m UO2SO4 AT 280°C
One of a series of experiments to test the radiation corrosion of Zircaloy-2 and other possible reactor construction materials in UO2SO4 solutions under various radiation intensities, temperatures, solution compositions, and velocities of flow past specimens.
Magnetic Properties of Insulators : Quarterly Report No. 9 Covering the Period from February 16, 1963 to May 15, 1963
The following quarterly report covers the period during February 16 to May 15, 1963. This report is divided into sections covering the separate activities during this period, studying the thermal behavior of the F-center in RbCl.
PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 4th Quarterly Progress Report, December 1, 1959-February 29, 1960
From abstract: The principal efforts during the fourth project quarter were the near-completion of the final design and preparation of specifications for plant components. Reactor development work included final preparations for the flexible zero-power test (PMZ-1) program and revised fuel element irradiation test program, continuation of reactor flow test, further work on heat transfer test program, and final design and fabrication of the prototype magnetic jack-type control rod actuators.
PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 5th Quarterly Progress Report, March 1, 1960-May 31, 1960
From abstract: Reactor development work includes: initiation of the flexible zero-power test (PMZ-1) experimental program, fabrication and delivery of a PM-1 type fuel element, continuation of reactor flow and heat transfer tests, development work on rare earth control rods, and testing and redesign of the prototype magnetic jack-type control rod actuator.
Preshot and Postshot Safety Survey of Oil and Gas Facilities, Baxterville Field, Mississippi, Final Report
From introduction: Oil and gas wells and related facilities of the Baxterville field were surveyed to document any physical changes resulting from the Salmon Event. All such structures within a 5-mile radius of Ground Zero were examined and photographed in detail.
Research Study on Neutron Interactions in Matter as Related to Image Formation
Report discussing a study on neutron detection schemes and the effect of neutron scattering on neutron image formation quality.
A Study of the Feasibility of Using Scintillating Fibers for Low Energy Beta Counting: Quarterly Report No. 1 Covering the Period From June 15, 1961 to September 14, 1961
From introduction: "A detector system with the advantages of a liquid counter, but without the severe requirements on sample preparations, has been devised and is the basis of the present experimental investigation."
Summary of Gummed Film Results Through December, 1959
From Abstract: "The data for gummed film fallout measurements through December 1959 are reported. The bulk of the report consists of summary tables for each gummed film station listing the monthly estimates of strontium 90 deposition and infinity gamma dose."
Welded Repair of Fill and Drain Holes in High-Carbon Steel Gas Storage Cylinders
Report discussing the results of fill and drain holes for hydrostatic pressure tests on head knuckle radius of forged-steel gas storage cylinders.