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Primary view of Analyses of Foreign Coals
Morgan, R. E. & Barkley, J. F.
Primary view of Coal-Mine Accidents in the United States and Foreign Countries
Horton, Frederick W.
Primary view of Contributions to Astrogeology, 1967-71
Geological Survey (U.S.)
Primary view of Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complexes and Their Uranium Favorability: Final Report
Coney, Peter J. & Reynolds, Stephen J.
November 1980
Primary view of The Distribution of Calcretes and Gypcretes in Southwestern United States and Their Uranium Favorability: Based on a Study of Deposits in Western Australia and South West Africa (Namibia)
Carlisle, Donald
January 6, 1978
Primary view of Drilling and Dustiness of Metal-Mine Air
Harrington, D.
March 1922
Primary view of Geologic Investigations of the 1986 Marryat Creek, Australia, Earthquake: Implications for Paleoseismicity in Stable Continental Regions
Machette, Michael N.; Crone, Anthony J. & Bowman, J. Roger
Primary view of Geologic Investigations of the 1988 Tennant Creek, Australia, Earthquakes: Implications for Paleoseismicity in Stable Continental Regions
Crone, Anthony J.; Machette, Michael N. & Bowman, J. Roger
Primary view of The History and Development of Gold Dredging in Montana: with a Chapter on Placer-Mining Methods and Operating Costs
Jennings, Hennen
Primary view of Index of Selected Gasification Patents (In Three Parts): [Part] 2. United Kingdon, Australian, Canadian, and South African Patents
Klosky, Simon & Murphy, Zane E.
Primary view of An Index of Shale-Oil Patents
Klosky, Simon
Primary view of Oil-Shale Operations in New South Wales, Australia
Kraemer, A. J. & Thorne, H. M.
July 1951
Primary view of Survey of Fallout Operations
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Health and Safety Laboratory.
July 1, 1962
Primary view of World Survey of Tantalum Ore
Baker, James S.
March 1945