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Primary view of Approximate Quantitative Microscopy of Pulverized Ores, Including the Use of the Camera Lucida
Coghill, Will H. & Bonardi, J. P.
October 1919
Primary view of The Constituents of Coal Soluble in Phenol
Frazer, J. C. W. & Hoffman, E. J.
Primary view of Construction and Operation of a Single-Tube Cracking Furnace for Making Gasoline
Bowie, C. P.
July 1915
Primary view of A Convenient Multiple-Unit Calorimeter Installation
Davis, J. D. & Wallace, E. L.
Primary view of Cost Keeping for Small Metal Mines
Pickering, J. C.
February 1919
Primary view of Directions for Sampling Coal for Shipment or Delivery
Pope, George S.
June 1917
Primary view of Experiments with Furnaces for a Hand-Fired Return Tubular Boiler
Flagg, Samuel B.; Cook, George C. & Woodman, Forrest E.
July 1914
Primary view of Graphic Studies of Ultimate Analyses of Coals
Ralston, Oliver C. & Porter, Horace C.
December 1915
Primary view of Gypsum Products: Their Preparation and Uses
Stone, Ralph W.
July 1917
Primary view of Metal-Mine Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1914
Fay, Albert H.
Primary view of Metallurgical Coke
Belden, A. W.
September 1913
Primary view of Methods of Preventing and Limiting Explosions in Coal Mines
Rice, George S. & Jones, L. M.
April 1915
Primary view of Motor Gasoline Properties, Laboratory Methods of Testing, and Practical Specifications
Dean, E. W.
May 1917
Primary view of Notes on the Black Sand Deposits of Southern Oregon and Northern California
Hornor, R. R.
Primary view of Notes on the Use of Low-Grade Fuel in Europe
Fernald, R. H.
August 1915
Primary view of Physical and Chemical Properties of Gasolines Sold Throughout the United States During the Calendar Year 1915
Rittman, W. F.; Jacobs, W. A. & Dean, E. W.
November 1916
Primary view of Quarry Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1915
Fay, Albert H.
December 1916
Primary view of Sanitation at Mining Villages in the Birmingham District, Alabama
Woodbridge, Dwight E.
Primary view of Saving Coal in Steam Power Plants
United States. Fuel Administration.
Primary view of Suggestions for Improved Methods of Mining Coal on Indian Lands in Oklahoma
Rutledge, J. J. & Harrington, Daniel
May 1918
Primary view of Temperature-Viscosity Relations in the Ternary System CaO-Al₂O₃-SiO₂
Feild, Alexander L. & Royster, P. H.
April 1918
Primary view of Traps for Saving Gas at Oil Wells
Hamilton, Walter Raleigh
February 1919
Primary view of Underground Latrines for Mines
White, Joseph H.
October 1916
Primary view of Underground Wastes in Oil and Gas Fields and Methods of Prevention
McMurray, William F. & Lewis, James O.
July 1916