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0-2 kv Flash Tube Supplies

Description: In order to perform the various experiments with a bubble chamber, a high intensity flash tube is used. This report briefly describes the power supplies designed and constructed to power these lamps.
Date: March 15, 1962
Creator: Miller, D. M.
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1. K+ Charge Exchange - Search For K+ Charge Exchange

Description: An experiment was designed utilizing a charge-exchange reaction to study the decay and interactions of the neutral K mesons produced. The experiment produced no events that could be interpreted as either the decay or interaction of neutral K mesons. The nature of the experiment and the possible explanations of this unexpected result are presented in this paper.
Date: July 29, 1959
Creator: Birge, Robert W.; Courant, Hans J.; Lanou, Robert E., Jr. & Whitehead, Marian N.
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3 Plant Radiation Study Interim Report #5- Part II Data on Gamma Shielding of Special Plutonium Samples

Description: The calculation of shielding the thickness for plutonium is complicated by the many different energies represented in the gamma radiation emitted during decay of the plutonium isotopes. Dose rate predictions are also frequently confused by gamma from varying content of fission product impurities in the plutonium, as well as other gamma radiation induced through alpha and neutron particle absorption within the source material or its environment. After assumptions are made for these many factors… more
Date: October 22, 1959
Creator: Moulthrop, H. A.
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5.6 Mass Spectrographs

Description: In recent years German physicists have been making increasing use of both mass spectrographs in the stricter sense and mass spectrometers which can only measure elative isotopic abundances and use electrical methods of measurement.
Date: unknown
Creator: Evald, H. & Marschall, H.
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The 5- by 7-meter wind tunnel of the DVL

Description: The report contains a description of the DVL wind tunnel. According to the cones fixed, an elliptical stream with axes 5 by 7 meters and length 9 meters, or a stream 6 by 8 meters in cross section and 11 meters in length is available. The top speed with the smaller cone is 65 meters per second. The testing equipment consists of an automatic six-component balance and a test rig for propellers and engines up to 650 horsepower.
Date: March 1936
Creator: Kramer, M.
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6.70 EV Resonance in U²³⁸

Description: "Using the Brookhaven fast chopper, transmission curves were obtained for the 6.70 +/- .06 ev resonance in U238 using four different thicknesses of natural uranium metal." The measurements for the transmission curves are summarized in the table provided.
Date: November 9, 1953
Creator: Levin, Jules S.
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The 6-Foot-4-Inch Wind Tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard

Description: Report discussing the 6-foot-4-inch wind tunnel and its auxiliary equipment has proven itself capable of continuous and reliable output of data. The real value of the tunnel will increase as experience is gained in checking the observed tunnel performance against full-scale performance. Such has been the case of the 8- by 8-foot tunnel, and for that reason the comparison in the calibration tests have been presented.
Date: August 1935
Creator: Desmond, G. L. & McCrary, J. A.
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6 kv Capacitor Charging Supply

Description: The power supplies designed and constructed to power high intensity flash tubes used in bubble chamber experiments are briefly described and are accompanied by a schematic diagram of the layout. (D.C.W.)
Date: March 15, 1962
Creator: Miller, D. M.
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7-GeV Advanced Photon Source Beamline Initiative. Conceptual Design Report

Description: The DOE is building a new generation 6-7 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source known as the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory. This facility, to be completed in FY 1996, can provide 70 x-ray sources of unprecedented brightness to meet the research needs of virtually all scientific disciplines and numerous technologies. The technological research capability of the APS in the areas of energy, communications and health will enable a new partnership between the DOE and US indus… more
Date: May 1993
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory
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7-GeV Advanced Photon Source : Conceptual Design Report

Description: During the past decade, synchrotron radiation emitted by circulating electron beams has come into wide use as a powerful, versatile source of x-rays for probing the structure of matter and for studying various physical processes. Several synchrotron radiation facilities with different designs and characteristics are now in regular operation throughout the world, with recent additions in this country being the 0.8-GeV and 2.5-GeV rings of NSLS at Brookhaven National Laboratory. However, none of … more
Date: April 1987
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory
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7-GeV Advanced Photon Source Instrumentation Initiative. Conceptual Design Report

Description: In this APS Instrumentation Initiative, 2.5-m-long and 5-m-long insertion-device x-ray sources will be built on 9 straight sections of the APS storage ring, and an additional 9 bending-magnet sources will also be put in use. The front ends for these 18 x-ray sources will be built to contain and safeguard access to these bright x-ray beams. In addition, funds will be provided to build state-of-the-art insertion-device beamlines to meet scientific and technological research demands well into the … more
Date: October 1992
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory
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An 8-Matrix Theory of the Vertex p - NN Based on the Strip Approximation

Description: The present study was motivated by an attempt to understand low energy [formula] scattering within the framework of the bootstrap principle and the un-Reggeized version of the strip approximation. This work attempts to generate low energy [formula] scattering in the p(1,1) and p(3,3) states assuming the potential operating in these states is generated by the exchange of low mass meson states in the crossed t-channel and low mass baryon states in the crossed u channel. In particular, the p-meson… more
Date: May 1964
Creator: Sarkissian, M. Der
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9-ANGIE : a Two-Dimensional, Multigroup, Neutron-Diffusion-Theory Reactor Code for the IBM 709 or 7090

Description: The 9-ANGIE, one of a series of reactor neutronic programs for an IBM 709 or 7090 data processing system, solves the time-dependent, multi-group, neutron diffusion equation for one to eighteen energy groups applied to a rectangular mesh superimposed on either an x-y or an r-z plane. It is characterized by its generalities in region description, boundary conditions, etc., without sacrificing simplicity of input preparation and ease of machine operation. The notation, the style, and the format ha… more
Date: October 28, 1960
Creator: Stone, Stuart P.
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9-Zoom : A One-Dimensional, Multigroup, Neutron Diffusion Theory Reactor Code for the IBM 709

Description: The following document describes the usage and purpose of the neutron diffusion theory reactor program 9-Zoom, a memory-contained program that takes advantage of 709 features such as, for example, preferential order of multiply by zero, and for small problems approaches input-output limitations with excellent convergence properties.
Date: August 25, 1959
Creator: Stone, S. P.; Collins, E. T. & Lenihan, S. R.
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15 Mile Road/Edison Corridor Sewer Tunnel Failure Study, Detroit Area, Michigan

Description: Partial abstract: "The study consisted of field and laboratory investigations, construction evaluation, and geotechnical and structural analyses to determine the cause(s) of distress and failure of a 2600-ft section of 12-ft 9-in. diameter concrete-lined sanitary sewer tunnel in the Detroit, Mich., area. [...] The report includes summaries of all pertinent construction records, results of all pertinent past and current field and laboratory tests on construction and geotechnical materials, and… more
Date: January 1981
Creator: Albert, Dick; Hoff, George C.; Lorence, Brian; Mitchell, Gerald B.; Mlakar, Paul F.; Murphy, William L. et al.
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