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Accuracy of the Finite Analytic Method for Scalar Transport Calculations

Description: The accuracy of the finite analytic method of discretizing fluid flow equations is assessed through calculations of multidimensional scalar transport. The transport of a scalar function in a uniform velocity flow field inclined with the finite-difference grid lines is calculated for a range of grid Peclet numbers and flow skewness. The finite analytic method is observed to be superior to the approach of constructing finite-difference analogs from locally one-dimensional resolution of the flow vector. However, the finite analytic method also produces appreciable errors locally in regions of steep variations, under conditions of large grid Peclet numbers, and skewness of the streamlines.
Date: September 1984
Creator: Vanka, S. P.

Advanced Fuel Cell Development Progress Report: April-June 1983

Description: Quarterly report discussing fuel cell research and development work at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). This report describes efforts on development of molten carbonate fuel cells directed toward seeking alternative cathode materials to NiO. Based on an investigation of the thermodynamically stable phases formed under cathode conditions with a number of transition metal oxides, synthesis of prospective alternative cathode materials and doping of these materials to promote electronic conductivity is under way.
Date: February 1984
Creator: Ackerman, J. P. & Pierce, Robert Dean

Advanced Fuel Cell Development Progress Report: April-June 1984

Description: Quarterly report discussing fuel cell research and development work at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). These efforts have been directed toward seeking alternative cathode materials to NiO for molten carbonate fuel cells. Particular emphasis has been placed on studying the relationship between synthesis conditions and the resistivity of doped and undoped LiFeO2 and Li2 MnO3 and on achieving a better understanding of the crystalline defect structures of the thermodynamically stable phases.
Date: November 1984
Creator: Pierce, Robert Dean; Claar, T. D.; Dees, D. W.; Fousek, R. J.; Kaun, T. D.; Kucera, C. H. et al.

Altitude and Generalized Configuration of the Top of the Floridian Aquifer, St. Johns County, Florida

Description: From introduction: This map shows the approximate altitude and configuration of the top of the Floridian aquifer...This map was prepared from geologic, geophysical, and drillers' logs on file with the Florida Bureau of Geology, U.S. Geological Survey, St. Johns River Water Management District, and from logs in published reports.
Date: 1984
Creator: Spechler, Rick M.

Anna Maria: Water Resources

Description: Map showing hydrologic resources (point source discharges, tide stations, sediment, tidal currents, etc.) in the Anna Maria region of the Tampa Bay, Florida coastline area. Scale 1:24,000.
Date: 1984
Creator: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Location Info:

Annual Research Summary

Description: Report on activities of the Division of Biological and Medical Research in carcinogenesis, low level radiation, molecular biology, and toxicology.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Division of Biological and Medical Research.

The Atomic Spectrum of Plutonium

Description: This report contains plutonium wavelengths, energy level classifications, and other spectroscopic data accumulated over the past twenty years at Laboratoire Aime Cotton (LAC) Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The primary purpose was term analysis: deriving the energy levels in terms of quantum numbers and electron configurations, and evaluating the Slater-Condon and other parameters from the levels.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Blaise, Jean; Fred, Mark & Gutmacher, R. G.

The Automated Reasoning System ITP

Description: This report describes a system designed to provide a portable environment for the study of automated reasoning. The system is built on the LMA automated reasoning subroutine package. This program is not part of LMA itself but illustrates the level of inference-based system that can be constructed from the LMA package of tools. It is a clause-based reasoning system supporting a wide variety of techniques which have proven valuable over the years in a long-running automated deduction research project. In addition, it is designed to present a convenient, interactive interface to its user.
Date: April 1984
Creator: Lusk, Ewing L. & Overbeek, Ross A.

Avoiding Leakage Flow-Induced Vibration by a Tube-in-Tube Slip Joint

Description: Parameters and operating conditions (a stability map) were determined for which a specific slip-joint design did not cause self-excited lateral vibration of the two cantilevered, telescoping tubes forming the joint. The joint design featured a localized annular constriction. Flowrate, modal damping, tube engagement length, and eccentric positioning were among the parameters tested. Interestingly, all self-excited vibrations could be avoided by following a simple design rule: place constrictions only at the downstream end of the annular region between the tubes. Also, overall modal damping decreased with increased flowrate, at least initially, for upstream constrictions while the damping increased for downstream constrictions.
Date: October 1984
Creator: Mulcahy, T. M.