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Analysis and Summary of Reports and Data From the Freeport, Texas, Test Bed Plant (1961-1969)
Report issued by the Office of Saline over a summary of all work conducted at the Freeport, Texas test bed plant. The work done at the plant between 1961 and 1969 is presented and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Annual Report (FY 1970): Webster Test Facility and Electrodialysis Test-Bed Plant Webster, South Dakota
Report containing history, maintenance, and repairs of the Webster, South Dakota, test bed plant as well as reviews of optimization tasks performed therein.
Bench Scale Study of the Vacuum Freezing Ejector Absorption Process
No Description Available.
Blasting Vibrations and Their Effects on Structures
Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over the effects of air blast vibrations. As stated in the abstract, "this report presents the results of the Bureau of Mines 10-year program to study the problem of air blast and ground vibrations generated by blasting" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Comparison Study of a 2.5 MGD VTE Upflow Versus Downflow
Report comparing "the capital and operating costs of an upflow and downflow plant" (p. 2). Cost saving recommendations are made.
Construction of a Flashlamp-Pumped Dye Laser and an Acousto-Optik Modulator for Mode-Locking
Design of a flashlamp-pumped dye laser capable of emitting light pulses 500 ns wide with a risetime of 300 ns.
Data Formats and Procedures for the ENDF Neutron Cross Section Library
Report issued by the Brookhaven National Laboratory discussing the formats and procedures used at the ENDF Neutron Cross Section Library. As stated in the introduction, "this report describes the philosophy, data formats, and procedures that have been developed for the Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF)" (p. 1-1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Deflection-Coverage Relationship for Flexible Pavements
Summary: "This study was conducted for the purpose of developing a relationship between elastic pavement deflection and pavement performance (number of traffic applications necessary to cause failure). Data for the study were taken from past studies of airfield and highway pavements. A summary of test conditions, failure criteria, and traffic type is given for each data source. A relationship was developed between elastic deflection and the number of coverages of traffic for combined airfield and highway data and for airfield data only. The relationship of wheel load and tire pressure is given, and a multiple-regression equation was determined to predict coverages as a function of wheel load, tire pressure, and deflection" (p. xi).
Design and Furnishing Flash Enhancers for MSF Test Module
Report describing experiments that attempt to minimize the heat loss within a multi-stage flash evaporator.
Design for a Variable-Output-Coupling Far-Infrared Michelson Laser
Technique for varying the coupling of power from far-infrared gas lasers and the design and construction of these lasers.
Design Study of Large Multiple Phase Ejector Driven Desalination Plants
Report concerning "the use of Multiple Phase Ejectors with distillation desalination plants, including detailed thermodynamic analyses of ejector-driven distillation plants and the optimization of parameters for the most promising plant arrangement derived form the thermodynamic analyses." (p. 1)
Determining Seepage Characteristics of Mill-Tailings Dams by the Finite-Element Method
Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies of mill-tailings dams, and disposal. Methods and development of tailings dams are discussed. This report includes tables, charts, photographs, and illustrations.
Development of a Thin-Liquid-Film Membrane Device for Reverse Osmosis
Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over studies conducted on reverse-osmosis plants. The results of the studies are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Development of Direct Contact Condensation Multistage Flash Distillation Process: Phase 3A
Report investigating the feasibility of the Atomics International Direct Contact Condensation Multistage Flash (DCC-MSF) Distillation process using "analytical and experimental studies on a direct contact condensation module and a plastic film heat exchanger. (p. iii) Contains further studies and evaluations of the direct-contact condensation unit and plastic film heat exchanger.
Development of Polyphenylene Oxide Membranes
Report concerning manufacturing variables on sulfonated polyphenylene oxide reverse osmosis membranes. The effects these variables have membrane performance are discussed as well as procedures to increase membrane reproducibility and performance.
Development Report Number 9: V.T.E. Process Development, Freeport Test Facility, Freeport, Texas
Report presenting accounts of testing saline water conversion and the economics thereof. This report covers the fifteenth and sixteenth Development Runs, which evaluated the following: the performance of the plant's double-fluted tube bundle and titanium tube bundle; the condensate handling-restrictions in the 5 effect module; a sump to sump brine transfer system modification; porcelain spray nozzles; enhanced surface tubes; and an oxygen scavenging system.
Economics and Use of Large Scale Electrodialysis Plants on Selected Tidal Estuarial Waters
Report concerning the relative costs of providing water via an electrodialysis-based water desalination plant that was only to be operated during periods of drought.
The Effect of Time Ordering on the Lyman α Profile
Report investigating the effects of time-ordering over the complete line profile using a unified theory of spectral line broadening previously developed. The behavior of the time-ordered thermal average and un-time-ordered thermal average are compared. The Fourier transform of the thermal average is obtained analytically. Calculations for the line profile of the Lyman-[functional symbol alpha] line of hydrogen are presented and are representative in that the full thermal average is replaced by the thermal average with the electron velocity distribution approximated by f(v)=[functional symbol alpha] (v-vav) where vav is the thermal velocity for the plasma in question.
Effects of Manufacturing Variables and the Development of Replaceable Membrane Elements for Brackish Water Tubular Reverse Osmosis Systems
Report describing the development of a reliable means to cast brackish water desalination membranes, the quality control of membrane-support elements, and the development of replaceable membrane elements.
Evaluation of 75,000 GPD Sea Water Desulfating Pilot Plant
Report describing the design, construction, test programs, and economic issues relating to an Experimental Continuous Ion Exchange Desulfating Softening Plant and how the conclusions drawn from its operation could be used for the desulfation of sea water with desalination plants.
Exploratory Study of Brine Disposal Using Fluid-Bed Evaporation
Report concerning fluid-bed evaporation as a possible method of separating waste brine into salts and pure water. Two process operations are examined: "(1) feed introduction to the evaporator through submered tubes, and (2) fludizization of soluble salt particles by superheated steam" (p. viii).
Glass Limit Standards Deposited at NBS for Railway, Highway, and Airways Traffic Signal Colors: History, Permanence and Colorimetric Properties
Permanence and colorimetric properties of signal glass.
Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: September 1, 1970 - December 1, 1970, Appendix
Report documenting radioactive fallout across the world, including both material in the atmosphere and that has deposited into food supplies. This appendix includes tables of monthly fallout deposition collections from 116 sites across the Earth and a list of radionuclides and their half-lives.
A High-Dispersion Spectral Analysis of the Ba II Star HD 204075 (ζ Capricorni)
Report discussing a double differential curve of growth analysis for the Ba II star S Capricorni. Both the sun and � Virginis (G9 II-III) were used as comparison stars. The observational material consists of equivalent widths, central depths, and half-widths for 1100 spectral lines measured on direct-intensity tracings of plates obtained by J. L. Greenstein at the coude focus of the 200-in telescope. The plates cover the spectral regions 3880-4825 A and 5100-6720 A at reciprocal dispersions of 2.3 and 3.4 A/mm, respectively. Atmospheric abundances have been derived for 37 elements.
Intake Systems for Desalting Plants
From Forward: "This is one of a continuing series of reports designed to present accounts of progress in saline water conversion and the economics of its application. Such data are expected to contribute to the long-range development of economical processes applicable to low-cost demineralization of sea and other saline water."
LMFBR Nuclear Safety Program Annual Report: July 1, 1969, to June 30, 1970
Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Nuclear Safety Program. The work completed by the program between 1969 and 1970 is presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
The Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires
From Abstract: "This treatise is an attempt to provide a rational descriptive and analytical basis for tire mechanics. Chapters of this book are contributed by active research workers in the fields of rubber and textile properties, friction, material properties, tire stress problems, tire design and construction, vehicle skid and handling, and tire mechanical properties."
Molten-Salt Reactor Program Semiannual Progress Report, February 28, 1971
Report containing ongoing projects and experiments undertaken by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Molten-Salt Reactor Program.
Natural History of the Swainson's Warbler
Summary of Swainson's warbler, including history, geographic distribution, migration patterns, ecological relations, physical description, breeding biology, voice qualities, and feeding behavior.
Oceanographic Observations: North Atlantic Standard Monitoring Sections A1, A2, A3, and A4, 1967-1968
Abstract: Seasonal variations in the Labrador Current are described using a defined Labrador Current Water together with geostrophic currents and salinity-temperature variations. The analysis is based on Standard Monitoring Sections occupied during 1967 and 1968 by U.S. Coast Guard cutters.
Operation of the Multi-Effect Multi-Stage Flash Distillation Plant (Clair Engle), Fourth Report (Semi-Annual), San Diego, California
From Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations: "The operation and development programs carried out in the CEP, E-1A and LMC plant during the period July 1, 1970 to December 31, 1970 are described in this report. Data was developed on several development tasks as follows. A summary is presented of material evaluation studies made over the past three and a half years. Data on the experiences with coatings, mortar linings, elastomers, and nonferrous and ferrous metals are included. Details are presented of coatings and linings installed in the CEP II Effect including methods of surface preparation and costs."
Operation of the Multi-Effect Multi-Stage Flash Distillation Plant (Clair Engle), Third Report (Annual), San Diego, California
From Introduction: "This report covers the activities by Catalytic, Inc., during the contract period from June 1, 1969 to June 30, 1970, a thirteen month period."
Operation of the multi-stage flash distillation plant, San Diego, California, third report (semi-annual)
No Description Available.
Performance Characteristics of Advanced Evaporator Tubes for Long-Tube Vertical Evaporators
From Introduction: "The investigation detailed in this report were undertaken to compare effectiveness of tubes enhanced in various ways and, then, to provide performance data on selected tubes of most promising type."
Pressure-Pulse Propagation in Two-Phase One- and Two-Component Mixtures
Report issued by the Argonne National Laboratory discussing the propagation velocity of pressure pulses in two-phase mixtures. As stated in the abstract, "in this study, a comprehensive analytical development of the propagation velocity of small pressure pulses is presented for bubble, annular, stratified, droplet, and slug-flow regimes. Particular attention is given to the influence of flow regime on the momentum transfer between phases" (p. 9). This report includes tables, illustrations, and a photograph.
The Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Pyridines
Report discussing the proton NMR spectra of 32 pyridines in two solvents, carbon tetrachloride and bezene-d6, are presented. The chemical-shift and differential-shift values are correlated with the substitutent position and with the solvent media. The ring protons and the protons on alkyl substituents are tabulated. The paramagnetic shift of the protons adjacent to the nitrogen is discussed, and a proposed structure for the pyridine-benzene complex that is consistent with the observed anomalous paramagnetic shift is presented. The utility of the data in the identification of pyridine compounds found in shale-oil naphtha is demonstrated.
Reuse and Subsurface Injection of Municipal Sewage Effluent: Two Case Histories
Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing sewage disposal and reuse. As stated in the introduction, "this paper describes the renovation of municipal sewage water for industrial use, and the use of subsurface waste disposal by an industrial complex and by a city" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Seawater Desalting with Chemical Recovery
From Introduction: "The report describes the studies made on 20mgd desalting plants, a size that was selected based on recovering 3,000 tons per day of salt for feed to a chlorine-caustic plant that would be part of the Energy Center."
Seawater Tubular Reverse Osmosis Membranes
From Introduction and Summary: "The objective of this program was to improve the quality, performance, and useful life of seawater tubular reverse osmosis membranes. The secondary objective was the evaluation of defect-free membranes in a small module with both sodium chloride and with actual seawater."
Second Annual Report: Operation of the Muti-Stage Flash Distillation Plant, San Diego, California
From Introduction: "The Office of Saline Water (OSW) maintains the MSF Module at the San Diego Test Facility, Chula Vista, California, for the purpose of further advancing and developing the state of art of the multistage flash distillation process and thereby reduce the cost of seawater conversion. The MSF Module has been built and operated to obtain engineering design and operating data to serve as a basis for: a. Future process development. b. Improved full scale plant design. Improved full scale plant operating conditions."
Shock-Absorbing Materials, Report 2: Cellular Concrete as a Backpacking Material
Partial abstract: "The use of low-density cellular concrete, having an oven-dry unit weight of 50 pcf or less, as a backpacking material for deeply buried protective structures was studied. Cellular concrete was found to be suitable for this type of application. A number of physical properties of cellular concrete were determined to provide input to design codes" (p. 4).
Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns: Section 9. Data for 63 Substances
From Introduction: "This report presents information for 63 compounds (40 experimental and 23 calculated patterns), and is the nineteenth of the series of "Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns."
Summary of Roswell Test Bed Plant Reports (1963-1968)
From Summary: "This report summarizes the analyses of the operating data for the period 1963-1969 for the Test Bed Plant and the Auxiliary Test Unit (ATU) located at Roswell, New Mexico."
A Technique for Quantifying Forest Stands for Management Evaluations
"In this study, a system for describing the three-dimensional geometry of trees and stands is presented. The system consists of two survey instruments, a theodolite and transit, and basic triangulation principles. A spotting laser has recently been added to the system to facilitate the spotting of the tree nodes to be surveyed" (p. ix). Results show significant differences in tree productivity as a result of fertilization and changes in heights, bole diameters, etc.
Third Report on Horizontal-Tube Multiple-Effect Process Pilot Plant Tests
From Summary: "This report describes the continuing work on HTME distillation plants, the first portions of which were reported in References 1 and 2. A major purpose in the testing of the three-effect pilot plant was to demonstrate mutiple-effect operability of the the horizontal tube method, when utilizing basically the same construction methods and materials as those proposed for commercial HTME plants."
Trafficability of Soils: Effects of Surface Conditions on Drawbar Pull of a Wheeled Vehicle
"A study was conducted to (a) investigate the effects of soil surface conditions on one-pass drawbar pull capabilities of a wheeled vehicle, (b) relate optimum drawbar pull to soil strength as measured by several instruments, (c) develop tentative equations for predicting optimum tractive coefficient, and (d) determine effects of tire characteristics (tread pattern and deflection) on drawbar pull. One hundred and six drawbar pullslip tests were conducted with a 3/4-ton M37 truck at a gross weight of 7240 lb. One tire size (9.00-16, 8-PR), two tread patterns (smooth and nondirectional military), and two tire deflections (15% and 35%) were tested. Surface conditions varied from dry and firm, to wetted with small amounts of water, to flooded. Asphalt surfaces also were tested" (p. xi).
Transport-Depletion Desalination Pilot Plant
From Summary: "The transport-depletion data obtained by the Southern Research Institute and by the Bureau of Reclamation at Denver, Colorado and at Webster, South Dakota, was reviewed. This data review made it possible to develop a design methodology for the pilot plant, and to identify the additional data required to adequately predict the performance of a transport-depletion stack."
Unified Theory Calculations of Stark Broadened Hydrogen Lines Including Lower State Interactions
Report on calculations of hydrogen Stark broadening on the basis of the unified classical path theory which has been extended to include lower state interactions in the final line profile. A detailed comparison with experiments in the density range 10-13-10-17 cm-3 is given.