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1967 Columbia River temperature analysis

Description: The Washington State Pollution Control Commission water quality standards for interstate and coastal waters were adopted in December of 1967. The temperature standard was identified as the most restrictive of these for the Hanford operations. This report compares the temperatures and thermal additions to the river from Hanford during 1967 with the limit specified by the Washington State Pollution Commission. Two factors complicate the problem of evaluating Hanford operations that alter the temperatures in the river: (1) natural heating or cooling imposes temperature changes between the plant and downstream measuring locations, (2) wide flow fluctions on a daily and weekly basis resulting from upstream dam regulation are reflected in similar temperature fluctuations. Using 1967 data this report identifies the Hanford temperature contribution at both 100-F and Richland. The effects of daily and weekly averaging as -well as measurement location are presented.
Date: November 1, 1968
Creator: Honstead, J. F. & Jaske, R. T.
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9th Annual Report

Description: The ACIR Library is composed of publications that study the interactions between different levels of government. This document is an annual report.
Date: January 1968
Creator: United States. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.
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Description: There is now experimental evidence for selectivity between the amino acid and the nucleic acid base which is the beginning of the chemical translation process from one linear system to the other. The linear system of the nucleic acid is, of course, an excellent place to store the information, whereas the linear system of the polypeptide, on the other hand, is the versatile system which can perform many different types of reactions but is unable to store information reliably. The experiments the author has described here may represent the beginning of the method of coupling of those two essential qualities which are required for the generation and evolution of a living organism.
Date: December 1, 1968
Creator: Calvin, Melvin
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Acid-Base Behavior in Aprotic Organica Solvents

Description: Report presenting the National Bureau of Standards' research program designed to determine and explain acid-base behavior in aprotic organic solvents and to develop methods and reference materials for determining total acid and base content and relative strengths of acids and bases in the media.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Davis, Marion Maclean
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