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7th Annual Report

Description: The ACIR Library is composed of publications that study the interactions between different levels of government. This document an annual report.
Date: January 1966
Creator: United States. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Metropolitan councils of governments

Description: The ACIR Library is composed of publications that study the interactions between different levels of government. This document addresses metropolitan councils of governments.
Date: August 1966
Creator: United States. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Electrical Parameters of Precision, Coaxial, Air-dielectric Transmission Lines

Description: From Introduction: "Following the guidelines established by this committee, several commercially developed precision connectors have appeared on the market which have led to the wide use of the precision coaxial lines as immittance standards. This paper has been prepared to alleviate this situation by providing graphs from which the electrical parameters of the lines may be determined rapidly and accurately."
Date: June 30, 1966
Creator: Nelson, Robert E. & Coryell, Marlene R.

Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel

Description: From Abstract: "This Monograph is a revision of the previous NBS Monograph 18. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of the heat treatment of iron and steels, principally to those unacquainted with this subject. The basic principles involved in the heat treatment of these materials are presented in simple form." From Introduction: "This Monograph has been prepared to answer such inquires and to give in simplified form a working knowledge of the basic theoretical and practical principles involved in the heat treatment of iron and steel."
Date: November 1, 1966
Creator: Digges, Thomas G.; Rosenberg, Samuel J. & Geil, Glenn W.

The Electrical Design of the EBR-II

Description: Report that "summarizes the electrical design of the Experimental Breeder Reactor II Facility (EBR-II). It attempts to gather together and present in reasonable detail the essential features and workings of the completed design, and to present a concise overall view of the system" (p. 11).
Date: June 1966
Creator: Verber, F. & Schmidt, H. L.

XLIBIT: ANL Cross-section Library Code

Description: From Introduction: "With the acquisition by the Laboratory of a Control Data 3600 computer in the fall of 1963, a joint reprogramming project was undertaken by the Laboratory's Applied Mathematics Division and the Control Data Corporation to develop one - and two-dimensional diffusion-theory and Sn transport-theory programs for the CDC-3600. The XLIBIT code described in this report was developed as a part of this project. XLIBIT is a CDC-3600 program designed to: 1) Prepare a cross-section library tape. 2) Modify an existing cross-section library tape. 3) Duplicate an existing cross-section library tape. 4) Print all or a portion of the cross-section data on the library tape. Punch cross-section decks for all or a portion of the data on the library tape. The decks produced are identical to those used in pertaining the tape."
Date: February 1966
Creator: Sparck, S. D.

On The Steady-State Thermal Stresses in Cylindrical Fuel Pins Due to Axial Variations in Their Internal Heat-Generation Rate

Description: From Introduction: "Specifically, we shall be concerned with the case of a solid right circular cylinder of infinite axial extent, having a stress-free outer boundary, being cooled by a temperature-independent boundary conductance, and having an axial heat-generation rate of form shown in Fig. 1. The inclusion of a radial dependence proportional to I^0(r/L) is only a minor complication in solving the required heat-transfer problem and, for reference, has been included in the solution for the temperature field to be found in Section II below."
Date: December 1966
Creator: Valentin, Richard A.

The Solar Spectrum 2935 Å to 8770 Å : Second Revision of Rowland's Preliminary Table of Solar Spectrum Wavelengths

Description: From Abstract: "An introductory text gives a detailed description of each column of the solar ledger. Tables include counts of lines of each spectrum recorded in the identification column, leading lines in the first and second spectra, and summaries of molecules and elements present in the sun. About 73 percent of the lines are wholly or partially identified. Sixty-three elements are recorded as present."
Date: December 1966
Creator: Moore, Charlotte E.; Minnaert, M. G. J. & Houtgast, J.

A Computer Program for the Kinetic Treatment of Radiation-Induced Simultaneous Chemical Reactions

Description: "WR16, a program written in 3600-FORTRAN for a CDC-3600 digital computer, calculates, as a function of time, the concentrations of all the species taking part in the simultaneous first- and second-order chemical reactions occurring during and after exposure to ionizing radiations occurring during and after exposure to ionizing radiation of any chemical system (for example, an aqueous solution). Homogeneous reaction kinetics is assumed for the computation. The variation of electrical conductivity and optical absorbance of the system can also be computed" (p. 1).
Date: April 1966
Creator: Schmidt, Klaus H.

Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns: Section 4. Data for 103 Substances

Description: Report documenting standard x-ray diffraction powder patterns for various compounds, intended to replace previous data or provide information for new substances. It describes the methods and, for each substance, outlines any previous data as well as information about the sample used and structural data, with a table of diffraction patterns.
Date: June 28, 1966
Creator: Swanson, Howard E.; Morris, Marlene C. & Evans, Eloise H.

Optimum Brine Heater Outlet Temperature in Sea Water Conversion Evaporators

Description: From Introduction & Scope: "This study was undertaken for the Office of Saline Water to determine the optimum brine heater outlet temperature in single-purpose sea water conversion evaporators for several fuel costs, based on balancing the increased performance ratio possible with high-temperature operations against the increased cost of pressure vessels, corrosion protection, and scale control."
Date: April 1966
Creator: Bechtel Corporation

Dropwise Condensation Characteristics of Permanent Hydrophobic Systems

Description: Report regarding the development of a new approach to dropwise condensation, understanding the role of nucleation in the process, and the possibility of permanent dropwise condensing surfaces. Report includes historical background, experiments with elements and dropwise condensation, economic considerations, and publications that came from his program.
Date: April 1966
Creator: The Franklin Institute

Research on Pumping Unit Studies: Final Evaluation Report

Description: From Introduction and Purpose of Studies: "The Bureau of Reclamation was engaged to administer contracts with pump manufactures to supply data on large pumping units capable of withstanding aerated sea water and the hot brine solutions to be encountered in such plants. The data, as evaluated in this report, are to be made available to 15 or more architect-engineers who have been engaged to prepare conceptual designs of the treatment plants."
Date: September 1966
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation. Office of Chief Engineer.

Conceptual Design Study of a 50 Million Gallon Per Day MSF Desalination Plant and Test Module

Description: Report issued by the Office of Saline Water over design studies for a 50 million gallon desalination plant. As stated in the introduction, "this report presents a conceptual design of a 50 MGD multistage flash plant and a conceptual design of a test module based on the 50 MGD plant design and proposed to demonstrate large plant design concepts. The report also includes a discussion of the more important engineering design studies employed in the development of the conceptual designs" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: November 1966
Creator: Fluor Corporation, ltd.

Investigation of the Mass Transfer Properties of Saline Water Systems

Description: From Introduction: "This investigation was undertaken in order to obtain the appropriate property data for both binary and muticomponent salt solutions and to determine the usefulness of the simple Nernst-type equations, compared with more exact flux-driving force equations, for predicting species transport in molecular diffusion processes of importance in desalination research. The following sections present the details of the approaches taken to each of the tasks and the results derived from these investigations. Information less essential to the analysis of the results was included in the appendices."
Date: September 1966
Creator: Richardson, John L.; Getz, Richard J. & Segovia, Gilbert