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100-N technical manual. Volume 2A: Systems descriptions

Description: This report contains engineering drawings for the control room, reactor monitoring systems, and reactor control systems for the N reactor. Each console in the control room is detailed. Other systems discussed are: stack air monitoring system, charging machine control systems, and heating and ventilation control systems. A N reactor plant glossary is included.
Date: December 31, 1963
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Accurate Nuclear Fuel Burnup Analyses; Eighth Quarterly Progress Report, (September - November 1963)

Description: The objective of the Accurate Nuclear Fuel Burnup Analyses program is to develop more accurate methods for burnup analysis for general use than the current method of analysis of Ca-137 or Sr-90. The program will require from three to five years of effort.
Date: December 1, 1963
Creator: Rider, B. F.; Ruiz, C. P.; Luke, P. S., Jr.; Peterson, J. P., Jr. & Smith, F. R.
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AlSi slopovers: studies, method of elimination and results

Description: During fuel element assembly, a dip-brazing process., the aluminum can which is ultimately a jacket for a uranium core is protected from the molten AlSi solution by a steel sleeve. Once the can is inserted into the sleeve and thermal expansion is complete, upset metal rings prevent molten AlSi from flowing between the can and sleeve, a situation that warrants rejection. Passage of molten solution beyond upset metal to a point on the can wall not removed during the subsequent facing operation is called an ``AlSi Slopover`` or ``Slop.`` With discovery of a solution which would mask 8001-F aluminum alloy from molten AlSi, efforts were directed towards using this solution to eliminate AlSi stopovers. With proper application and control, PWR 125 proved that cans coated with PX1288 did not alloy AlSi in the molten state to pass beyond the upset metal region during canning. Since this material has been used on total production, the CPR rate has been greatly reduced. Percentage of rejects attributable to the CPR category is 0.5%.
Date: December 7, 1963
Creator: Schaffer, J. D.
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Application of the Variational Method to the Calculation of the Time Dependence of the Neutron Flux in Small Pulsed Slabs, Cylinders and Spheres

Description: The variational method is applied to the monoenergetic time dependent transport equation to obtain a simple relation for the asymptotic decay constant in small pulsed assemblies. The results indicate that flat trial functions may be a reasonable representation of the flux distributions in the thin slab limit. This approach is superior to many of the usual transport approximations.
Date: December 16, 1963
Creator: Judge, F. D. & Daitch, Paul B. (Paul Bernard), 1925-
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Campaign rework of Z-Plant material at Purex

Description: The Purex Plant has been requested to process Z-Plant MR and EPT solutions containing about 200 kilograms of plutonium in order to alleviate processing problem at Z-Plant and to reduce the inventory of MR and EPT rework. Campaign recycle of uranium through the main plant is recommended as an economical and effective means of reworking large quantities of Z-Plant plutonium solutions. This memorandum outlines process alternates and costs for reworking the solutions and itemizes specific recommendations for process and critical mass control.
Date: December 26, 1963
Creator: Judson, B. F. & Kendall, J. B.
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Chemical Processing Department Monthly Report: November 1963

Description: This report for November 1963, from the Chemical Processing Department at HAPO discusses the following: Production operation; Purex and Redox operation; Finished products operation; maintenance; Financial operations; facilities engineering; research; employee relations; weapons manufacturing; and power and crafts operation.
Date: December 20, 1963
Creator: Hanford Atomic Products Operation. Chemical Processing Department.
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Control Actuator Component Test 14/W001 Torquemotor Test

Description: A permanent magnet torquemotor is used to covert the conditioned error signal from the actuator amplifier into a force capable of driving a servo-valve. In order for the results to be comparable to actuator conditions, the effort was made to duplicate the actual driving (input) and loading (output) parameters. The results of this screening test showed performance which was good, but left some doubt as to the exact nature of the 10 to 20% variation seen in both static and dynamic characteristics. Since the percent variation, if really due to irradiation or a combined effect, could materially affect the actuator performance it is necessary tha a more sensitive test be performed. Such a test should be in an environment which poses fewer testing problem than a cryogenic test,and is therefore, easier to control. Plans are in progress for such a test.
Date: December 1, 1963
Creator: Hornberger, D.W.
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CP -- nuclear materials transfer measurement statistics

Description: It is the purpose of this document to provide, in one well-referenced manual, a measure of the degree of reliability that may be placed on routine nuclear material transfer measurements within the Chemical Processing Department, and the relative effects of each measurement uncertainty on the various nuclear material balances. Although statistical techniques were used as a tool in analyzing the data, the results have been presented in a form that should require a bare minimum of statistical training to comprehend, Revisions and corrections will be provided as needed.
Date: December 1, 1963
Creator: Steves, L. H.
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Data Procurement and Processing for the Fission Product Inhalation Program Using an Automatic Read Out Counting System

Description: Report describing the materials and procedures used to obtain data necessary "for correlation with the biological effects of inhaled mixed fission products" -page 1. The study is primarily focused on the biological effects of radioactive materials inhaled by animals and the materials taken from these animals and tested with computers.
Date: December 1963
Creator: Goodrich, R. M. & Thomas, R. G.
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[Delta]I = 1/2 Rule for Non-Leptonic Strangeness-Changing Decay Processes

Description: Gell-Mann and Pais were the first to suggest that the non-leptonic decay processes of strange particles may be subject to an isospin selection rule, allowing only those decay transitions which involve a change [delta]I = 1/2 in to total isopin of the system. At present, however, there is really no theoretical framework for the description of weak interactions into which this selection rule fits in a natural and compelling way. The report includes sections on the 91) decay processes of the [caret] hyperon, (2) decay processes, (3) [complex conjugate] decay processes, and (6) K[pi]3 decay processes. We have considered the evidence on all of the known non-leeptonic non-radiative decay modes of strange particles. All of this evidence is in good qualitative accord with the [delta]I = 1/2 selection rule.
Date: December 2, 1963
Creator: Dalitz, R. H. (Richard Henry), 1925-2006.
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Development of a Brazing Process for Seal Blocks

Description: This report covers the development and qualifications of a brazing process capable of forming the bond between the instrument leads and the seal block. The process developed is unusal in that it permits the formation of a bond between austenitic stainless steel surfaces at the temperatures below 1350°F without a flux.
Date: December 17, 1963
Creator: Laughner, E.M.
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Doppler Broadening of the Total, Fission, Capture, and Scattering Neutron Cross Sections of Pu-241

Description: ABS>The cross sections were calculated by the Reich-Moore multilevel formula from 0.02 to 11 ev and were convoluted with Doppler functions corresponding to various sample temperatures. The cross sections are tabulated vs neutron energy for temperatures of 27, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 deg C. (D.C.W.)
Date: December 16, 1963
Creator: Marshall, N.H. & Simpson, O.D.
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Empirical plutonium constants 7090 program

Description: The current-revision of the Process Optimization Program contains two empirical plutonium-exposure expressions. One relates total Pu conversion to exposure and the other, Pu-240 buildup to exposure. The former was incorporated to save computer time and the latter to provide product quality data. Both of these relationships, in addition to a third which relates Pu-241 buildup to exposure, are used in PULP-3, the data generator for LP-90. EMCON-3, a 7090 computer program which determines arbitrary constants for all three empirical expressions, has been devised. It uses, as input, official conversion data and will facilitate rapid evaluation of the effect, of periodic revisions in official conversion data, changes in reactor loadings, and/or changes in product specification. This document contains a discussion of the empirical expressions, the program mechanics, and program input/output. A Fortran listing of the program logic a deck assembly diagram, and sample program output are included in the appendix to aid the reader in using and/or revising the program.
Date: December 9, 1963
Creator: Jensen, R. D.
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