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200 Area waste storage study

Description: As a part of the five year budget study requested by HOO-AEC, a study of separations waste storage requirements for this period was made. This study took into consideration the variant estimates of amount of irradiated uranium to be processed, and the goals in the waste reduction research and development program. The conclusions of this study were at variance, to some extent, with prior studies. Interest has been expressed in publication of this study to permit independent assessment of its bases and assumptions.
Date: March 27, 1956
Creator: Hanthorn, H.E.
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Absorption Spectra of Aromatic Disulfides

Description: The effect of solvents and temperature on the optical absorption spectrum of a number of substituted aromatic disulfides is reported. The problems offered by the disulfide link and the exchange reactions between disulfides, and between disulfides and thiols, are receiving increasing attention. Recently the base-catalyzed exchange between various alkyl disulfides and the corresponding thiols was studied by means of a radioactive-tracer technique. Our initial purpose was to extend these investigations to a large number of compounds in a variety of experimental conditions using a spectrophotometric technique that, if applicable, would have been incomparably faster.
Date: October 31, 1956
Creator: Fava, Antonio & Calvin, Melvin
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The Absorption Spectra of Complexes of Uranium (VI) with Some [beta]-Diketones

Description: Abstract: "The absorption spectra of the complexes of uranium (VI) with four [beta]-diketones were determined under various conditions of pH, concentration of uranium, and alcohol concentration. Under optimum conditions, the maximum molar absorptivity (31,200) is obtained using 2-furoyltri-fluoroacetone. This compares with about 4,000 and 19,000 for the thiocyanate and dibenzoylmethane complexes, respectively."
Date: October 1956
Creator: Feinstein, H. I.
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Absorption Spectra of Plutonium and Impurity Ions in Nitric Acid Solution

Description: The absorption spectra for Pu(III), (IV), (VI), and the red Pu(IV)- peroxy complex were determined in HNO/sub 3/ solution. Extinction coefficients for the above species of Pu were measured. Temperature has little effect on the spectra, but variation of acidity causes shifting of absorption peaks and some changes in the extinction coefficients. The absorption spectra and extinction coefficients in the region 390 to 1200 m mu were measured for chromic, nickelous, manganous, calcium, lanthanum, aluminum, ferrous. ferric, and permanganate ions in HNO/sub 3/ solutions. In addition, the effects of nitrite, oxalic acid, sulfamic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and various HNO/sub 3/ concentrations on the extinction coefficients of some of these ions were determined. The chromic, nickelous, ferrous, and permanganate ions, and ferric ion with oxalic acid, have sufficiently high extinction coefficients to cause inaccuracies in valence determinations of Pu in solutions containing high concentrations of these ions, unless corrections are made. (auth)
Date: July 31, 1956
Creator: Myers, M. N.
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Abundance and Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Zircon, Sphene, Apatite, Epidote, and Monazite in Granitic Rocks

Description: The following report covers investigations of uranium and thorium discovered within host minerals in the earth's crust, zircon, sphene, apatite, epidote, and monazite. The object of this investigation has been to obtain an approximate measure of the abundance and distribution of uranium and thorium among these five mineral phases.
Date: November 1956
Creator: Hurley, P. M. & Fairbairn, H. W.
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The Accuracy of the Substitute-Stringer Approach for Determining the Bending Frequencies of Multistringer Box Beams

Description: "The accuracy of the substitute-stringer approach for including the effects of shear lag in the calculation of the transverse modes and frequencies of multistringer box beams is investigated. Box beams, the covers of which consist of normal-stress-carrying stringers on sheets which carry not only shear but also normal stress, are analyzed exactly. Frequencies of beams with various numbers of stringers, obtained by means of this exact analysis, serve to determine the possible accuracy of the frequencies obtained by the substitute-stringer approach" (p. 1).
Date: April 1956
Creator: Davenport, William W.
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Active Process Development Activities for Processing of Feed Materials

Description: The carbonate and organic leaching processes for the recovery of U from its ores are outlined. The Excer prccess (ion-exchange conversion and electrolytic reduction) and the Fluorox process (starch-- HF reaction) for the production of UF/sub 4/ from ore concentrate and depleted reactor fuels are described. The fluidized-bed process for UF/sub 4/ production from UO/sub 2/(NO/ sub 3/)/sub 2/ is also described. Methods for improving the reactivity of UO/sub 3/ and mechanical and thermal processes for increasing the density of UF/sub 4/ were investigated. Applications of fluoride volatility prccesses to feed materials are discussed. (C.W.H.)
Date: January 1, 1956
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Adaptation of Combustion Principles to Aircraft Propulsion Volume 2: Combustion in Air-Breathing Jet Engines

Description: This volume continues the NACA study of combustion principles for aircraft propulsion. The various aspects of combustion pertinent to jet engines are organized and interpreted with quite extensive information, particularly for basic or fundamental. subject matter. The report concerns only air-breathing engines and hydrocarbon fuels, and not rocket engines and high-energy fuels.
Date: May 2, 1956
Creator: Fuels and Combustion Research Division
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Addendum to DC 56-8-167

Description: This document is an addendum to DC 56-8-167 and gives a description of the proposed Navy nuclear seaplane program and the objectives of the X211 engine study program.
Date: September 17, 1956
Creator: Harned, M.S.
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Additional Analysis of SRE Safety

Description: AI-MEMOS are working papers and may be expanded, modified, or withdrawn at any time, and are intended for internal use only. Further dissemination is not permitted and distribution to abstracting agencies is not authorized.
Date: July 1, 1956
Creator: Morgan, W. T.
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Additional results of an investigation at transonic speeds to determine the effects of a heated propulsive jet on the drag characteristics of a series of related afterbodies

Description: From Introduction: "Presented in this report are the basic data obtained from investigation. The data are presented with limited analysis in order to expedite their availability to those concerned with jet-exit-afterbody design."
Date: September 24, 1956
Creator: Henry, Beverly Z., Jr. & Cahn, Maurice S.
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Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic characteristics of a deck-inlet multijet water-based-aircraft configuration designed for supersonic flight

Description: From Introduction: "In the present investigation, lift, drag, and pitching moment were determined over a Mach number range 0.6 to 1.42. Smooth-water takeoff and landing stability and resistance were investigated. A brief check of the rough-water spray and behavior was also made."
Date: December 5, 1956
Creator: Bielat, Ralph P.; Coffee, Claude W., Jr. & Petynia, William W.
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Aerodynamic characteristics and flying qualities of a tailless triangular-wing airplane configuration as obtained from flights of rocket-propelled models at transonic and supersonic speeds

Description: Report discussing a flight investigation of rocket-powered models of a tailless triangular-wing airplane configuration was made through the transonic and low supersonic speed range at the Langley Pilotless Aircraft Research Station at Wallops Island, Va. An analysis of the aerodynamic coefficients, stability derivatives, and flying qualities based on the results obtained from the successful flight tests of three models is presented.
Date: November 1956
Creator: Mitcham, Grady L.; Stevens, Joseph E. & Norris, Harry P.
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