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Child's self-help overall.
This document contains recommendations for the construction of a child's self-help overall, designed for freedom of movement and easy dressing.
The European corn borer : its present status and methods of control.
Describes the life cycle and characteristics of the European corn borer, and methods for controlling it.
Federal crop insurance on corn : (dollar coverage insurance)
A leaflet describing federal crop insurance available to corn producers and how to apply for it.
How to keep and increase black grama on southwestern ranges.
Describes the benefits of having black grama on ranges in the Southwestern United States, as well as how to use and manage it.
It could happen again.
Describes the importance of soil conservation practices and their effect on wheat production.
Producing cigar tobacco in Pennsylvania.
Provides recommendations for tobacco culture, packing and fermentation, marketing, and disease control.
School lunch recipes using dried fruits.
Contains several recipes using dried fruit in school lunches. Includes general directions for handling dried fruit during the preparation stages.
School lunch recipes using nonfat dry milk.
A collection of quantity recipes for school lunches using nonfat dry milk. Includes general directions for handling dried milk during the preparation stages.
Using 2,4-D safely.
Describes the chemical broadleaf herbicide 2,4-D, and methods of applying it to prevent damage to farm crops, animals, and humans.
Wheat crop insurance : (commodity coverage)
Describes federal insurance for farmers that offers commodity coverage of wheat crops.
Wheat crop insurance : (monetary coverage)
Describes a federal insurance program that provides monetary coverage against farm risks.