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Fires on farms.

Description: Describes what can cause fires on the farm, steps to reduce fire hazards, and equipment needed to fight home fires.
Date: June 1940
Creator: Roethe, Harry E. (Harry Edward), 1891-1989

Flight investigation of control-stick vibration of the YG-1B autogiro

Description: As a preliminary step in an investigation of control-stick vibration in direct-control autogiros, the periodic variations in the moments transmitted through the control system of a YG-1B autogiro were recorded in flight. The results of the measurements are presented in the form of coefficients of Fourier series expressing the varying part of the lateral and the longitudinal moments acting between rotor and fuselage at the control trunnions. The most important component of the variation in stick force was found to have frequency of three times the rotor speed and an amplitude that rose from negligible values at tip-speed ratio below 0.20 to +/-5.2 pounds longitudinally and +/-3.2 pounds laterally at tip-speed ratios of 0.35. Variations in stick force at all other frequencies were small in comparison with those at three times the rotor speed.
Date: June 1, 1940
Creator: Bailey, F J , Jr

Hog-lot equipment.

Description: Provides descriptions and instructions for building many types of equipment used for raising hogs. Includes fencing, feeding equipment, shelters, pest treatment equipment, breeding crates, and transportation equipment.
Date: June 1940
Creator: Russell, E. Z. (Ellsworth Zouave), 1866- & Buckley, S. S. (Samuel Sutherland), 1873-

Italian high-speed airplane engines

Description: This paper presents an account of Italian high-speed engine designs. The tests were performed on the Fiat AS6 engine, and all components of that engine are discussed from cylinders to superchargers as well as the test set-up. The results of the bench tests are given along with the performance of the engines in various races.
Date: June 1, 1940
Creator: Bona, C F

A method of measuring piston temperatures

Description: A method that makes use of thermocouples has been developed to measure the temperature of engine pistons operating at high speeds. The thermocouples installed on the moving piston are connected with a potentiometer outside the engine by means of pneumatically operated plungers, which make contact with the piston thermocouples for about 10 crankshaft degrees at the bottom of the piston stroke. The equipment is operated satisfactory at engine speeds of 2,400 r.p.m. and shows promise of successful operation at higher engine speeds. Measurements of piston temperatures in a liquid-cooled compression-ignition engine and in an air-cooled spark-ignition are presented.
Date: June 1, 1940
Creator: Pinkel, Benjamin & Mangniello, Eugene J

Rhubarb forcing.

Description: Describes methods of forcing rhubarb, using methods developed in Massachusetts and Michigan.
Date: June 1940
Creator: Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882. & Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870.

Tests of lead-bronze bearings in the DVL bearing-testing machine

Description: The lead-bronze bearings tested in the DVL machine have proven themselves very sensitive to load changes as in comparison with bearings of light metal. In order to prevent surface injuries and consequently running interruptions, the increase of the load has to be made in small steps with sufficient run-in time between steps. The absence of lead in the running surface, impurities in the alloy (especially iron) and surface irregularities (pores) decreases the load-carrying capacity of the bearing to two or three times that of the static load.
Date: June 1, 1940
Creator: Fischer, G