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Coal-Mine Fatalities in the United States, 1926

Description: Report compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Mines including statistics on fatalities in coal mines located in the United States as well as data regarding the various operations (e.g., number of miners employed and average production). The information is organized into tables for comparison and the text draws some overall conclusions in the summary.
Date: 1927
Creator: Adams, William W.

Development, Mining, and Handling of Ore in Folded and Faulted Areas, Red Iron Mines, Birmingham District, Alabama

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over mining of red iron ores in Birmingham, Alabama. As stated in the introduction, "the present paper deals more specifically with the development and handling of ore as affected by folds and faults in the ore bed, and considers changes that may be desirable or necessary in future mining practices" (p. 2). This paper includes illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1927
Creator: Crane, W. R.

Drilling and Blasting in Open-Cut Copper Mines

Description: From Introduction: "The drilling and blasting practices described in this bulletin are chiefly those in use at the time of these visits. Information, obtained by correspondence, on recent changes at certain mines is also included. The bulletin is confined to descriptions and comparisons of drilling and blasting methods at the six open-cut mines."
Date: 1927
Creator: Gardner, E. D.

The Ferric Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid Process: With a Chapter on Producing Small Bubbles of Gas in Liquids by Submerged Orifices

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on the ferric sulphate-sulphuric acid process. As stated in the introduction, "the work reported here comprises merely a study of the chemistry of the process and the mechanical conditions that would have to be observed in practice" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1927
Creator: Ralston, Oliver C. & Maier, Chas. G.

Fluorspar: Its Mining, Milling, and Utilization with a Chapter on Cryolite

Description: From Preface: "The importance of fluorspar in the industrial development of this country, particularly in the open-hearth steel industry, has only begun to be realized fully, The World War showed that fluospar was an essential mineral and was not as abundant as has been supposed. Mr. Ladoo visited nearly all the important fluorspar mines and mills in the United States and obtained as much information as possible regarding foreign deposits, production and methods."
Date: 1927
Creator: Ladoo, Raymond B.

Gases from Blasting in Tunnels and Metal-Mine Drifts

Description: From Introduction: "This paper gives the results of sampling the gases from blasting drift rounds at five mines-the United Verde Extension, Calumet & Arizona, Old Dominion, Mountain Copper, and the United Verde-and of tunnel rounds at the Big Creek water tunnel and Moffat railroad tunnel. The paper also describes the rounds blasted and the methods of sampling and analyzing the gases. In all, 99 rounds were fired and 376 samples were taken."
Date: 1927
Creator: Gardner, E. D.; Howell, S. P. & Jones G. W.

Magnetic Concentration of Iron Ores of Alabama

Description: From Introduction: "The Birmingham district holds large deposits of red hematite, coal, and flux extends from Springville on the northeast to below on the southwest. The work was begun in July, 1923, and ores from a number of points within the Birmingham district have since been studied. A method of magnetic concentration has been investigated which, it is believed, will successfully remove a large part of the gangue and incur only a small loss of iron.
Date: 1927
Creator: Lee, Oscar; Gandrud, B. W. & De Vaney, F. D.

Passage of Solid Particles Through Rotary Cylindrical Kilns

Description: Technical paper issued by the Bureau of Mines over studies conducted on rotary kilns. As stated in the introduction, "the object of this study was to determine the factors that influence the rate of progress of crushed materials through a kiln" (p. 1). This paper includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1927
Creator: Sullivan, John D.; Maier, Charles G. & Ralston, Oliver C.

Potash Mining in Germany and France

Description: From Scope of Bulletin: "This paper is confined largely to a discussion of methods of mining potash salts in France and Germany, in view of the possible application of similar methods when mining of the deposits in the southwestern part if the United States is undertaken, but it also includes a brief history of the German and French potash industry, a discussion of the geology of the deposits, a short description of the refining of crude salts for export, and an estimate of the cost of production."
Date: 1927
Creator: Rice, George S. & Davis, John A.

Production of Sponge Iron

Description: From Review of Sponge-Iron Processes: "This review of the development if the sponge-iron process to its present state gives only the important types of furnaces or processes tried."
Date: 1927
Creator: Williams, C. E.; Barrett, E. P. & Larsen, B. M.

Quarry Problems in the Lime Industry

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this bulletin is not to describe individual quarries but to describe general methods of operation and give typical illustrations. The methods employed are discussed critically in an effort to elucidate the best working principles and to assist manufactures of lime in correcting errors and establishing their industry on the most economical and efficient basis."
Date: 1927
Creator: Bowles, Oliver & Myers, W. M.

Reduction Mills in Montana in 1925

Description: List of reduction mills in Montana, compiled in the course of investigations of mineral resources of Montana. It includes information about each loaction including: the process, character of ore, when the mill was operated, and custom work; equipment and power used; and capacity in tons.
Date: March 1927
Creator: Gerry, C. N.