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Experimental Investigation of the Physical Properties of Medium and Heavy Oils, Their Vaporization and Use in Explosion Engines Part 4

Description: This report presents a theoretical treatment of the vaporization process of medium and heavy oils. The results of this investigation, which were mostly obtained from the lighter components of the heavy fuels, require a 10- or 16-fold vaporization in comparison with gasoline. We must attain a still finer degree of atomization, in order to include the heavier components.
Date: December 1926
Creator: Heinlein, Fritz

Experiments on Self-Ignition of Liquid Fuels

Description: This report examines the cause and effect of the energy conversion in airless-injection engines. In order to obtain a criterion for the chosen working method, it takes into consideration the time relations between the individual processes. Observations of the engine alone do not suffice to obtain the necessary basis for a critical analysis of the processes.
Date: December 1926
Creator: Neumann, Kurt

Preliminary flight tests of the N.A.C.A. Roots type aircraft engine supercharger

Description: "An investigation of the suitability of the N.A.C.A. Roots type aircraft engine supercharger to flight-operating conditions, as determined the effects of the use of the supercharger upon engine operation and airplane performance, is described in this report. Attention was concentrated on the operation of the engine-supercharger unit and on the improvement of climbing ability; some information concerning high speeds at altitude was obtained. The supercharger was found to be satisfactory under flight-operating conditions. Although two failures occurred during the tests, the causes of both were minor and have been eliminated" (p. 207).
Date: December 29, 1926
Creator: Gardiner, Arthur W. & Reid, Elliott G.

Red-clover culture.

Description: Describes the uses of red clover for forage and as a soil-improving crop in the northeastern United States. Includes information about distribution, handling, and pest control.
Date: December 1926
Creator: Pieters, A. J.

Resistance of a fifteen-centimeter disk

Description: "The results of this test show that the dynamic scale has very little effect on the drag coefficient of a disk over a wide range of Reynolds Number. A comparison of these results with those of tests made on a series of disks at Göttingen University furnishes a good check on the method of testing in this tunnel" (p. 1).
Date: December 1926
Creator: Shoemaker, James M.

What is Known about the Effect of Smoke on Health

Description: From title page: "For some years the Bureau of Mines, in connection with its investigations relating to efficiency in the combustion of fuels, as been engaged in a study of smoke prevention. Popular support for such work is usually based upon the injurious effects of smoke on the human ssytem, and this paper is published as a contribution to the literature dealing with that subject."
Date: December 7, 1926
Creator: White, William Charles

Wind Tunnel Standardization Disk Drag

Description: Note presenting the resistances of a series of three similar disks placed normal to the wind as determined in the atmospheric wind tunnel. The curves of drag coefficient plotted against Reynolds number for this tunnel show discrepancies between overlapping values which are to be attributed to the presence of the tunnel walls.
Date: December 1926
Creator: Knight, Montgomery