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Functioning of Reduction Gears on Airplane Engines

Description: "In undertaking to analyze the functioning conditions of a reduction gear on an aviation engine, we will consider an ordinary twelve-cylinder V-engine. The reduction gear employed consists either of a pair of spur gears, one of which is integral with the engine shaft and the other with the propeller shaft, or of a planetary system of gears" (p. 1).
Date: March 1926
Creator: Matteucci, Raffaelli

The Gasoline Situation

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the demands on the oil industry due to an increase in automobiles in the United States. Improvements in drilling methods and refinery practices are presented. This report includes a table.
Date: March 1926
Creator: Hill, Harry H.

General Index to Experiment Station Record, Volumes 26-40, 1912-1919

Description: A topical, alphabetically arranged index to volumes 26-40 including experiment station records, publications reviewed, and foreign publications. In has a 'Consolidated Table of Contents' which lists all editorial notes and publications of the experiment stations and Department of Agriculture from the referenced volumes.
Date: March 1926
Creator: United States. Office of Experiment Stations.

The Lateral Failure of Spars

Description: It was concluded that after the critical span or depth-breadth ratio has been reached, the modulus of rupture varies approximately inversely as the first power of the span and of the depth-breadth ratio. The direction of the lateral deflection is alternate between successive supports. For this reason, we believe that rib spacing along the spar is more important in reducing lateral deflection than the distance between supports at the strut points.
Date: March 1926
Creator: Bromley, Stevens & Robinson, William H., Jr.

Slip Stream Effect

Description: "The horizontal tail surfaces of a new airplane usually are proportional so that the curve of moment about the center of gravity, combined with a similar curve for the wings alone, gives a composite curve which provides a certain specified degree of static stability. With the application of power three additional factors must be considered in calculations: the moment of the propeller thrust; the change in the velocity of the air over the tail due to the slipstream; and the change in direction of the air over the tail due to the slipstream. The last two factors are considered in this report" (p. 1).
Date: March 1926
Creator: Montieth, Charles N.