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Drop and Flight Tests on NY-2 Landing Gears Including Measurements of Vertical Velocities at Landing

Description: This investigation was conducted to obtain quantitative information on the effectiveness of three landing gears for the NY-2 (consolidated training) airplane. The investigation consisted of static, drop, and flight tests on landing gears of the oleo-rubber-disk and the mercury rubber-chord types, and flight tests only on a landing gear of the conventional split-axle rubber-cord type. The results show that the oleo gear is the most effective of the three landing gears in minimizing impact forces and in dissipating the energy taken.
Date: August 7, 1931
Creator: Peck, W. C. & Beard, A. P.

The NACA Apparatus for Studying the Formation and Combustion of Fuel Sprays and the Results From Preliminary Tests

Description: "This report describes the apparatus as designed and constructed at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, for studying the formation and combustion of fuel sprays under conditions closely simulating those occurring in a high-speed compression-ignition engine. The apparatus consists of a single-cylinder modified test engine, a fuel-injection system so designed that a single charge of fuel can be injected into the combustion chamber of the engine, an electric driving motor, and a high-speed photographic apparatus. The cylinder head of the engine has a vertical-disk form of combustion chamber whose sides are glass windows" (p. 549).
Date: August 26, 1931
Creator: Rothrock, A. M.

Penetration and Duration of Fuel Sprays From a Pump Injection System

Description: "High-speed motion pictures were taken of individual fuel sprays from a pump injection system. The changes in the spray-tip penetration with changes in the pump speed, injection-valve opening and closing pressures, discharge-orifice area, injection-tube length and diameter, and pump throttle setting were measured. The pump was used with and without a check valve" (p. 241).
Date: August 24, 1931
Creator: Rothrock, A. M. & Marsh, E. T.