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A unified two-dimensional approach to the calculation of three-dimensional hypersonic flows, with application to bodies of revolution

Description: A procedure for calculating three-dimensional steady and nonsteady supersonic flows with the method of characteristics is developed and discussed. An approximate method is deduced from the characteristics method and shown to be of practical value at high supersonic speeds.
Date: August 15, 1952
Creator: Eggers, A. J., Jr. & Savin, Raymond C.

Correlation of Cooling Data From an Air-Cooled Cylinder and Several Multicylinder Engines

Description: "The theory of engine-cylinder cooling developed in a previous report was further substantiated by data obtained on a cylinder from a Wright R-1820-G engine. Equations are presented for the average head and barrel temperatures of this cylinder as functions of the engine and the cooling conditions. These equations are utilized to calculate the variation in cylinder temperature with altitude for level flight and climb" (p. 59).
Date: August 15, 1939
Creator: Pinkel, Benjamin & Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr.

Hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon derivatives of cyclopropane

Description: The methods used to prepare and purify 19 hydrocarbon derivatives of cyclopropane are discussed. Of these hydrocarbons, 13 were synthesized for the first time. In addition to the hydrocarbons, six cyclopropylcarbinols, five alkyl cyclopropyl ketones, three cyclopropyl chlorides, and one cyclopropanedicarboxylate were prepared as synthesis intermediates. The melting points, boiling points, refractive indices, densities, and, in some instances, heats of combustion of both the hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon derivatives of cyclopropane were determined. These data and the infrared spectrum of each of the 34 cyclopropane compounds are presented in this report. The infrared absorption bands characteristic of the cyclopropyl ring are discussed, and some observations are made on the contribution of the cyclopropyl ring to the molecular refractions of cyclopropane compounds.
Date: August 15, 1952
Creator: Slabey, Vernon A.; Wise, Paul H. & Gibbons, Louis C.

Aircraft Accidents: Method of Analysis

Description: From Introduction Purpose and Organization: "This report on a method of analysis of aircraft accidents has been prepared by a special committee on the nomenclature, subdivision, and classification of aircraft accidents organized by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics in response to a request dated February 18, 1928, from the Air Coordination Committee consisting of the Assistant Secretaries for Aeronautics in the Departments of War, Navy, and Commerce."
Date: August 15, 1928
Creator: Special Committee on the Nomenclature, Subdivision, and Classification of Aircraft Accidents

A low-speed experimental investigation of the effect of a sandpaper type of roughness on boundary-layer transition

Description: From Summary: "An investigation was made in the Langley low-turbulence pressure tunnel to determine the effect of size and location of a sandpaper type of roughness on the Reynolds number for transition. Transition was observed by means of a hot-wire anemometer located at various chordwise stations for each position of the roughness. These observations indicated that when the roughness is sufficiently submerged in the boundary layer to provide a substantially linear variation of boundary-layer velocity with distance from the surface up to the top of the roughness, turbulent "spots" begin to appear immediately behind the roughness when the Reynolds number based on the velocity at the top of the roughness height exceeds a value of approximately 600. At Reynolds numbers even slightly below the critical value (value for transition), the sandpaper type of roughness introduced no measurable disturbances into the laminar layer downstream of the roughness. The extent of the roughness area does not appear to have an important effect on the critical value of the roughness Reynolds number."
Date: August 15, 1956
Creator: von Doenhoff, Albert E. & Horton, Elmer A.