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Altitude and Generalized Configuration of the Top of the Floridian Aquifer, St. Johns County, Florida

Description: From introduction: This map shows the approximate altitude and configuration of the top of the Floridian aquifer...This map was prepared from geologic, geophysical, and drillers' logs on file with the Florida Bureau of Geology, U.S. Geological Survey, St. Johns River Water Management District, and from logs in published reports.
Date: 1984
Creator: Spechler, Rick M.
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Analog-Model Simulations for Secondary Canal Controls and Forward Pumping Water-Management Schemes in Southeast Florida

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate, through electrical analog model simulation, the effects of two specific water-management proposals in Dade County. Proposal one is the installation of a secondary control on Snake Creek Canal and proposal two is the forward pumping scheme.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Cordes, E. H. & Gardner, R. A.
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An Analysis of Salinity in Streams of the Green River Basin

Description: Abstract: Dissolved-solids concentrations and loads can be estimated from streamflow records using a regression model derived from chemical analyses of monthly samples. The model takes seasonal effects into account by the inclusion of simple-harmonic time functions. Monthly mean dissolved-solids loads simulated for a 6-year period at U.S. Geological Survey water-quality stations in the Green River Basin of Wyoming agree closely with corresponding loads estimated from daily specific-conductance … more
Date: October 1977
Creator: DeLong, Lewis L.
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Analysis of Selected Benthic Communities in the Florida Everglades with Reference to Their Physical and Chemical Environment

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this investigation is to document the types of aquatic benthic organisms found within the Everglades and to determine the extent to which the chemical and physical character of surface water and bottom materials affect their distribution and community structure.
Date: April 1976
Creator: Waller, Bradley G.
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Analysis of Stream Quality in the Yampa River Basin, Colorado and Wyoming

Description: From introduction: This report relates to the first of the above objectives by describing stream quality in the Yampa River basin through 1976, with particular emphasis on conditions from August 1975 through September 1976. The content of this report is, at times, relatively technical. This is intentional. The report is aimed not at planners and decision makers but rather at those persons assigned the task of having to design, implement, and interpret a river basin assessment. The techniques an… more
Date: April 1980
Creator: Wentz, Dennis A. & Steele, Timothy Doak
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Analysis of the August 14, 1980, Rainstorm and Storm Runoff to the South Platte River in the Southern Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of the August 14, 1980, rainstorm in Denver, Colorado, and describe its effects on the South Platte River and six of its tributaries (figure 1).
Date: 1983
Creator: Blakely, Steven R.; Mustard, Martha H. & Doerfer, John T.
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Analysis of Waste-Load Assimilative Capacity of the Yampa River, Steamboat Springs to Hayden, Routt County, Colorado

Description: From purpose and scope: The primary purpose of the study was to aid in evaluating the waste-load assimilative capacity of the study reach for a minimum mean 7-day low flow and 10-year recurrence interval. The results of this analysis will provide planners and managers in Routt County with information for determining the waste-load capacities of the study reach for possible design and operational alternatives of future wastewater-treatment plants.
Date: April 1977
Creator: Bauer, Daniel P.; Steele, Timothy D. & Anderson, Richard D.
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Application of Digital Mapping Technology to the Display of Hydrologic Information A Proof-of-Concept Test in the Fox-Wolf River Basin, Wisconsin

Description: From introduction: This report describes the design and implementation of a prototype water resources information system for the Fox-Wolf River basin...This report also describes the use of the Fox-Wolf information system for an assessment of selected hydrologic conditions in the basin.
Date: 1983
Creator: Moore, G. K.; Batten, L. G.; Allord, G. J. & Robinove, C. J.
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Application of Remote-Sensing Techniques to Hydrologic Studies in Selected Coal-Mined Areas of Southeastern Kansas

Description: Report describing a study to use remote-sensing techniques to look for relationships between disturbances of the land, water, and vegetation with underground coal mines in the Cherry Creek basin of Kansas. The study looked at color and color-infared photographs, compared with water-quality data to successfully identify contamination and other potential problems.
Date: 1983
Creator: Kenny, J. F. & McCauley, J. R.
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Application of Thermal Imagery and Aerial Photography to Hydrologic Studies of Karst Terrane in Missouri

Description: From abstract: Planning waste-disposal facilities and impoundments is complicated by karst carbonate terrane in the Ozarks. Thermal imagery (8-13 micrometer wavelength) and color infrared photography aid in identifying losing streams, sinkholes and hydrologic conditions encouraging collapse. Imagery and photography were acquired in Greene and Reynold Counties, Mo., in March 1972 and June 1973. Differences in thermal levels correlating with losing and gaining reaches of Logan Creek valley, Reyno… more
Date: September 1977
Creator: Harvey, E. J.; Williams, J. H. & Dinkel, T. R.
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Appraisal of the Interconnection Between the St. Johns River and the Surficial Aquifer, East-Central Duval County, Florida

Description: From introduction: The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, conducted a 1-year study to determine the effects of proposed deepening of the navigation channel on the surficial aquifer. A specific objective was to determine the degree of interconnection that exists current between the limestone adjacent to the river and the limestone in the riverbed that is to be dredged.
Date: 1983
Creator: Spechler, Rick M. & Stone, Roy B., Jr.
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Appraisal of Water-Quality Conditions, Lower Black River, Windsor County, Vermont

Description: From purpose and scope: The objectives of the study are to assess the overall water-quality conditions, discuss the variations in water quality and probable causes, evaluate the effects of secondary treated wastewater on impoundments, and analyze the effect of streamflow regulation on algal production within and downstream of impoundments.
Date: 1983
Creator: Toppin, Kenneth W.
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Aquatic Biology in Nederlo Creek, Southwestern Wisconsin

Description: From abstract: This report presents the results of biologic investigations by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources during a study of hydrology and water quality in a small drainage basin in the "Driftless Area" of southwest Wisconsin. The investigation included aquatic macrophytes, periphytic and planktonic algae, benthic invertebrates, and trout population dynamics during 1967-78.
Date: November 1982
Creator: Kammerer, P. A., Jr.; Lidwin, R. A.; Mason, J. W. & Narf, R. P.
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Aquifer Test Results, Green Swamp Area, Florida

Description: From abstract: "An aquifer test conducted in the Green Swamp area December 15-16, 1975 was designed to stress the uppermost part of the Flordian aquifer so that the leakage characteristics of the overlying confining bed could determined." This report includes those results.
Date: 1982
Creator: Tibbals, C. H. & Grubb, H. F.
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Areal Extent of a Plume of Mineralized Water from a Flowing Artesian Well in Dade County, Florida

Description: Abstract: A flowing artesian well tapping the Floridan aquifer at Chekika Hammock State Park, Dade County, Florida, has been contaminating the overlying Biscayne aquifer with saline water since 1944. The contaminating plume extends approximately 7 miles downstream and southeast of the well and ranges in width from 1 to 2 miles. The area of contamination is approximately 12 square miles. The primary contaminating chemical constituents are chloride, sodium, and sulfate ions.
Date: March 1982
Creator: Waller, Bradley G.
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Artificial-Recharge Experiments and Operations on the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico

Description: Abstract: Experiments using highly turbid water from playa lakes for injection into the Ogallala Formation have resulted in greatly decreased yield of the recharge wells. Recharge of ground or surface water of good quality has indicated, however, that injection through wells in an effective method of recharging the aquifer. Water that is slightly turbid can be successfully injected for a period of time, but generally results in constantly declining yields and capacity for recharge. Redevelopmen… more
Date: May 1973
Creator: Brown, Richmond F. & Signor, Donald C.
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