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Aircraft Reactor Test Removal and Disassembly

Description: Report documenting the dissection of a reactor called the Aircraft Reactor Test (ART). Includes the removal of the reactor from its test cell, component removal, and plans for a for a disassembly building facility.
Date: 1960?
Creator: Abbatiello, A. A. & McQuilkin, F. R.
Item Type: Report

Applied Health Physics Annual Report for 1963

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing work and progress made by the Health and Physics Division during 1963. Instrumentation, personnel monitoring, and laboratory monitoring is presented. This report includes maps, tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: August 1964
Creator: Morgan, K. Z.; Davis, D. M.; Hart, J. C.; Abee, H. H.; Gupton, E. D. & Warden, A. D.
Item Type: Report

Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Monthly Progress Report: April 1959

Description: Abstract: This monthly progress report covers the activities of the Army Gas-Cooled Reactor System Program for April 1959. The program includes a water-moderated heterogeneous reactor (Gas-Cooled Reactor Experiment I), a graphite-moderated homogeneous reactor (Gas-Cooled Reactor Experiment II), a mobile gas-cooled reactor (ML-1), and the coordination of the Gas Turbine Test Facility. [It reports] the progress of each project, the associated tests and data evaluation, the applicable design criteria, and the fabrication of reactor components" (p. 1).
Date: May 25, 1959
Creator: Aerojet-General Corporation
Item Type: Report

Calculation of Suspension Peptization

Description: Report regarding the combination the theories of flocculation, particle repulsion, and particle attraction in order to "understand the flocculation characteristics of TH02 suspensions" (p. 2).
Date: 1960
Creator: Sweeton, F. H.
Item Type: Report

Chemical Technology Division Annual Progress Report, May 31, 1968

Description: Report documenting the ongoing research of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Chemical Technology Division. This report includes tables, diagrams, graphs, and articles related to chemical technology.
Date: September 1968
Creator: Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Chemical Technology Division.
Item Type: Report