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300-KV Pulser Transformer and Pulser.

Description: Photographs and working drawings are presented for a small (approximately 4.25 X 7 X 9 inch) 300Kv pulse transformer having double-conical secondaries each with a corona ring at its greatest diameter. The pulser circuit is shown but no text is included.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Heller, R. E.

The Distribution of the Positive-Negative Ratio for Mesons

Description: Positive and negative mesons produced in a common target in the cyclotron are received in two photographic plates. In the magnetic field of the cyclotron, negatives are deflected to one plate, positives to the other. The mesons must pass through an absorber before entering the plates in order to be observable.
Date: December 14, 1949
Creator: Rankin, Bayard, 1924-

Effect of Inositol and Octadecyl Alcohol Feeding on Lipoproteins in Cholesterol Fed Rabbits.

Description: A controversy exists as to the effect of inositol and other lipotropic agents on serum cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis in humans and animals. There is no general agreement that these agents lower serum cholesterol levels or exert an inhibitory effect on the development of atherosclerosis.,
Date: March 1952
Creator: Pierce, Frank T., Jr. & Kritchevsky, David, 1920-2006

Flux in a Rectangular Cavity.

Description: A problem proposed by E. Hart to determine whether there are locally high or low neutron densities at the corners of a cubical cavity in a graphite lattice. To simplify the computations consider an infinite two dimensional lattice with a square cavity that has a point source of neutrons at the center (see Figure 1).
Date: February 4, 1952
Creator: Rosenblum, M.

The Heat and Entropy of Ionization of Anhydrous Acetic Acid.

Description: Studies of ionic entropies in methanol and ammonia have led to the suggestion that ionic entropies in water are abnormally high. An explanation of this hypothesis may be given in terms of entropies of solvation and the high degree of hydrogen bonding in water. When an ion enters water, more disorder is created than when it enters another, less hydrogen-bonded, solvent.
Date: April 1952
Creator: Jolly, William L.

Modes of Acceleration of Ions in a 3-DEE Cyclotron.

Description: The analysis shows that a symmetrical three-dee cyclotron accelerating ions below relativistic velocities has the property that ions of different e/m rations can be accelerated without changing the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the dees or the value of the magnetic field. The energy gain per revolution of the ions which can be accelerated in the various modes are found, considering three identical dees of arbitrary angular widths. For these calculations it has been assumed that a step-function voltage change occurs at each edge of the dees.
Date: February 29, 1952
Creator: Jakobson, M.; Heusinkveld, M. & Ruby, L.

Radioactive Isotopes of Bismuth.

Description: Five isotopes of bismuth occur in nature. Using particle accelerators providing helium ions up to 40 Mev in energy and deuterons up to 20 Mev in energy, it was possible to produce and identify two artificial radioactive isotopes. With the advent of the 184-inch Berkeley syncho-cyclotron and its hundreds of Mev energies, it was possible to form highly neutron-deficient bismuth isotopes extending more than ten mass units below stable Bi(209).
Date: April 6, 1950
Creator: Neumann, H. M.