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300-KV Pulser Transformer and Pulser.

Description: Photographs and working drawings are presented for a small (approximately 4.25 X 7 X 9 inch) 300Kv pulse transformer having double-conical secondaries each with a corona ring at its greatest diameter. The pulser circuit is shown but no text is included.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Heller, R. E.
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Alkyl Phosphoric Acids as Extraction Agents for Uranium

Description: The recent interest in tributyl phosphate as an extracting solvent for uranium indicated that consideration of n-butyl phosphoric acid for this application might be of interest if some way could be devised to overcome the manipulation and miscibility difficulties. It was found that if the material was placed in any one of a number of carrier solvents, it had a remarkably strong extractive effect on uranyl ion out of acid solutions without a salting agent present.
Date: January 27, 1950
Creator: Stewart, D. C., (Donald Charles), 1912-1996
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The Biological Behavior of Organic Compounds Containing Radiophosphorus

Description: The study was undertaken with the objective of observing the distribution in the rat of organic compounds of phosphorus labelled with the P32 isotope as tracer. The fate of several of these compounds was studied in animals bearing tumors. The distribution of inorganic phosphate in animal tissues is well known but was included in this work for comparison with the organic phosphorus compounds.
Date: April 25, 1952
Creator: Morrison, D. C. & Crowley, Josephine F.
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Calculation of k-o in a Uranium-Graphite Lattice

Description: Since the 25 content of the uranium to be used in a MTA multiplying lattice is quite uncertain at present, it is necessary to assume various degrees of depletion in order to estimate the multiplication constant K-o and the production of 49 in an infinite uranium-graphite lattice
Date: February 8, 1951
Creator: Adelman, F.
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Calculation of Shielding for Mark II Accelerator

Description: The proper roof thickness to correspond with a given side wall thickness has been estimated fro experience with the 184 feet cyclotron, which has indicated that a roof of about 1 1/2 feet should accompany a wall of 5 feet, and a roof of 4 feet should accompany a wall of 15 feet. For the roof area involved, this should bring about the condition that down-scattered neutrons in the working areas are but a small fraction of the neutrons coming through the side walls.
Date: June 30, 1951
Creator: Moyer, B. J.
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The Chelate Process, IV. Process Flow Involving o-Dichlorobenzene as the Solvent for TTA

Description: Comparative studies of a series of halogenated solvents, as carriers for TTA in the chelate process for plutonium extraction, indicate that ortho-dichlorobenzene most nearly satisfies the requirements that are set forth. A complete process design is presented for use with this solvent, and flow data and equipment capacities are given for dissolver solution and for uranium-free fission product solution as alternate feeds to the process.
Date: January 1951
Creator: Davis, M. W., Jr.; Hicks, T. E. & Vermeulen, T.
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The Chelate Process: [Part] 5. Investigation in Horizontal Extractors

Description: The recovery of plutonium has been demonstrated in a laboratory countercurrent horizontal extractor using the TTA process. Using three extractive stages and two washing stages in each step, a recovery of 91 percent has been obtained in the chelation step and a recovery of 99.9+ percent in the de-chelation step. With five extractive stages, recoveries of 94-98 percent have been found for the chelation step.
Date: July 29, 1949
Creator: Hicks, T. E.; Rubin, B. & Vermeulen, T.
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Complex Ions of Lanthanum in Aqueous Solutions

Description: The complexing of lanthanum by various anions and weak acids was investigated by observing the light absorption of the complex formed with thenoyltrifluoracetone (TTA). This species showed the properties needed for a satisfactory specgtrophotometric method of analysis.
Date: August 1, 1951
Creator: Mattern, Kenneth Lawrence
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Discriminator Calibrator

Description: To calibrate a pulse height discriminator, the amplitude of the calibrating pulse must be known. If the amplitude is known, the discriminator dial may be calibrated in terms of the input signal required to just trip it. This is the purpose for which the Discriminator Calibrator was designed. It produces pulses of variable but known amplitude with a rep. rate variable from 3 pps to 4000 pps. The main use of this unit at the UCRL is in conjunction with scalers at fixed counting locations.
Date: November 27, 1951
Creator: Stripeika, Alex J. & Newton, Gene B.
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The Distribution of Pu(VI) and Pu(III) in Thenoyltrifluoracetone-Benzene-Nitric Acid Mixtures

Description: The distribution coefficients of Pu(VI) and Pu(III) have been measured as a function of the TTA, hydrogen ion, and nitrate ion concentrations in the TTA-benzen-nitric acid system. The extraction constants for Pu(VI) and Pu(III) are 1.4 X 10(-2) and 2 X 10(-5), respectively.
Date: February 2, 1952
Creator: Heising, D. L. & Hicks, T. E.
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The Distribution of the Positive-Negative Ratio for Mesons

Description: Positive and negative mesons produced in a common target in the cyclotron are received in two photographic plates. In the magnetic field of the cyclotron, negatives are deflected to one plate, positives to the other. The mesons must pass through an absorber before entering the plates in order to be observable.
Date: December 14, 1949
Creator: Rankin, Bayard, 1924-
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Drift Tube Model Magnet Report

Description: Early in the design of the Mark I accelerator it was decided to install magnetic lenses in the drift tubes. A number of model magnets were constructed and tested to determine the best design for these lenses. This report includes only the results of the tests on the final models of the magnets that are designed for Mark I.
Date: June 27, 1952
Creator: Sewell, D. & Parmentier, H.
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Effect of Inositol and Octadecyl Alcohol Feeding on Lipoproteins in Cholesterol Fed Rabbits.

Description: A controversy exists as to the effect of inositol and other lipotropic agents on serum cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis in humans and animals. There is no general agreement that these agents lower serum cholesterol levels or exert an inhibitory effect on the development of atherosclerosis.,
Date: March 1952
Creator: Pierce, Frank T., Jr. & Kritchevsky, David, 1920-2006
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Evaluation of the Pentaether and Chelate Processes for the Chemical Separation of Plutonium and Uranium

Description: Research at the University of California Radiation Laboratory has been directed toward the development of processes designed to recover plutonium and uranium from neutron-irradiated uranium. This report has been prepared in answer to requests for information by interested workers in the Atomic Energy programs. The material discussed herein represents the efforts of a sizable research group over several years, and summarizes both the current status of the investigation and the future program now contemplated.
Date: September 18, 1950
Creator: Hicks, T. E. & Crandall, Howard William, 1921-1990
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