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Two-Phase Pressure Losses Quarterly Progress Report: Seventh Quarter, August 12, 1963 - November 11, 1963

Description: Technical report describing that the pressure drop along an annular channel with dimensions D(1) = 0.375 inch; D(2) = 0.875 inch, L = 70 inches. Flow was vertical and upward, and only the internal surface was heated. Subcooled conditions existed at the inlet, with two-phase conditions at the exit. Groups of three radial spacer pins on 18-inch centers along the channel, held the inner surface concentric with the outer surface. The single phase loss coefficient for each spacer group is K(8) = 0.21. The single phase friction factor for the annual channel is given by f = 0.16 N(R)(-0.16). The two phase pressure drop increases as the quality increases for G [over] 10(6) = 0.5 ;b/hr ft(2). The effect of heat flux on the pressure drop is very is very slight over the range of fluxes tested (0.55 less than or equal to Q over 10(6).\ less than or equal to 0.8). The two-phase pressure drop gradient in the same annulus, with no heat addition is qualitatively the same as for a 1/4-inch by 1-3/4 inches rectangular channel but is quantitatively greater than for the rectangular channel.
Date: December 2, 1963
Creator: Janssen, E. (Engineer) & Kervinen, J. A.
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