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Two-Phase Pressure Losses Quarterly Progress Report: Eighth Quarter, November 12, 1963 - February 11, 1964

Description: Technical report describing that voids were measured in a ½-inch by 1-3/4-inch channel with the S-1 insert (B(0)/B(1) = 0.4, L(0) = 0.1 inch), at 2 inches ahead of the insert (position A), ½-inch past the insert (position B), 5 inches past (position C), and 12 inches past (position D). The conditions were: P – 1000 psia, G = 1.00 x 10(6) lb/h-ft(2), and x = 18.8 percent. Average void and void distribution at position A are the same as for flow in a straight channel. Void distribution at position B shows that the stagnation region downstream of the inserts contains a high fraction of voids. Average void and void distribution at positions C and d show that the two-phase mixture becomes strongly mixed (homogenized) as a result of passing through he contraction-expansion inserts. Distribution at position D approaches the distribution at position A; i.e., the straight channel distribution.
Date: March 1, 1964
Creator: Janssen, E. (Engineer) & Kervinen, J. A.
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