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Trafficability of Soils: A Summary of Trafficability Studies Through 1955

Description: Summary of trafficability studies conducted by the Waterways Experiment Station. It includes information about phase I tests related to "Soil Classification and Trafficability Data" as a sub-project of "Trafficability of Soils as Related to the Mobility of Military Vehicles" (published 1947-1955). It also includes initial results of phase II, "Soils Trafficability Predictions."
Date: December 1956
Creator: Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
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Trafficability of Soils: Effects of Surface Conditions on Drawbar Pull of a Wheeled Vehicle

Description: "A study was conducted to (a) investigate the effects of soil surface conditions on one-pass drawbar pull capabilities of a wheeled vehicle, (b) relate optimum drawbar pull to soil strength as measured by several instruments, (c) develop tentative equations for predicting optimum tractive coefficient, and (d) determine effects of tire characteristics (tread pattern and deflection) on drawbar pull. One hundred and six drawbar pullslip tests were conducted with a 3/4-ton M37 truck at a gross weig… more
Date: April 1971
Creator: Rush, Edgar S. & Robinson, J. H.
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Trafficability of Soils: Eighteenth Supplement, Development of Revised Mobility Index Formula for Self-Propelled Wheeled Vehicles in Fine-Grained Soils

Description: The main purposes of this study were to (a) obtain adequate test data to determine experimentally the vehicle cone index (VCI) for 50 passes for vehicles mounted with nonconventional tires and (b) use results of the field tests to develop a revised mobility index (MI) formula for self-propelled wheeled vehicles.
Date: March 1968
Creator: Kennedy, James Garland & Rush, Edgar S.
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