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The Absorption Spectra of Complexes of Uranium (VI) with Some [beta]-Diketones

Description: Abstract: "The absorption spectra of the complexes of uranium (VI) with four [beta]-diketones were determined under various conditions of pH, concentration of uranium, and alcohol concentration. Under optimum conditions, the maximum molar absorptivity (31,200) is obtained using 2-furoyltri-fluoroacetone. This compares with about 4,000 and 19,000 for the thiocyanate and dibenzoylmethane complexes, respectively."
Date: October 1956
Creator: Feinstein, H. I.

Abundance and Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Zircon, Sphene, Apatite, Epidote, and Monazite in Granitic Rocks

Description: The following report covers investigations of uranium and thorium discovered within host minerals in the earth's crust, zircon, sphene, apatite, epidote, and monazite. The object of this investigation has been to obtain an approximate measure of the abundance and distribution of uranium and thorium among these five mineral phases.
Date: November 1956
Creator: Hurley, P. M. & Fairbairn, H. W.

An Air Concentrator for Very Low Grade Colorado Plateau Uranium Ores

Description: Report discussing the use of an air concentrator on uraniferous sandstones for producing concentrates with over ten times the amount of uranium as original sandstone. A description of the concentrator, information regarding its operation, results of the concentration, information on the concentrator's applications, and a general summary are included.
Date: January 1953
Creator: Stieff, L. R. & Erickson, E. S., Jr.

Airborne Radioactivity Surveys for Phosphate in Florida

Description: Introduction: Deposits of phosphate in Florida, located beyond the limits of known producing areas, have been reported by prospectors and mining companies. Much of the information has been based upon prospecting and exploration which was undertaken many years ago and as a result the published data relating to the occurrence of these deposits are fragmentary, and few details relating to specific locations and extent are available.
Date: August 1953
Creator: Moxham, Robert Morgan

Airborne Radioactivity Surveys in Geologic Exploration

Description: The following report describes the use of airborne radioactivity surveying and analytical techniques in geologic exploration by examples of the analysis or evaluation of airborne data related to specific geologic settings. The airborne radioactivity surveying program was begun in 1949 by the U.S. Geological Survey to assist in uranium exploration.
Date: August 1958
Creator: Moxham, R. M.

The Aluminum Phosphate Zone in the Peace River Area, Land-Pebble Phosphate Field, Florida

Description: Report discussing information on the aluminum phosphate zone of the Peace River area. At the time of the report, the first plant to treat aluminum phosphate was probably to be located in this area. Information on the geology of the area, weathering/erosion, mineralogy, occurrence and distribution of aluminum, chemical relations and variations of aluminum phosphate, relation of geologic features, mining plans, and tonnage/grade of the zone are included.
Date: December 1953
Creator: Cathcart, J. B.

Annotated Bibliography of Salt Deposits: A Supplement to U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J

Description: Abstract: "This bibliography supplements the information on salt published in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J, "Annotated Bibliography and Index Map of Salt Deposits in the United States," by Walter B. Lang, 1957. The supplement contains additional information on the salt deposits of the United States and of foreign countries, as well as data on the composition, chemistry, geologic occurrences, geophysical exploration, distribution, technology, and production of salt. Additional supplements will be issued from time to time to keep information on these subjects current."
Date: January 1958
Creator: Lang, Walter B.; Read, Charles B.; Moore, George W. & Cooper, Margaret

Appraisal of the Accuracy of U.S. Geological Survey Ore Reserve Estimates for Uranium-Vanadium Deposits on the Colorado Plateau

Description: From Abstract: "The U.S. Geological Survey has made estimates of the reserves of uranium and vanadium in the carnotite deposits explored by Geological Survey drilling on the Colorado Plateau. This report presents an appraisal of the accuracy of the reserve estimates for deposits in the Uravan mineral belt, the causes of inaccuracy, and the significance of the estimates in terms of the total known reserves of the region."
Date: February 1954
Creator: Bush, Alfred L. & Stager, Harold Keith

Appraisal of the accuracy of U.S. Geological Survey ore reserve estimates for uranium-vanadium deposits on the Colorado Plateau

Description: A report regarding the appraisal of the accuracy of the U.S. Geological Survey of ore reserve estimates for uranium-vanadium deposits on the Colorado Plateau. This report concerns work done on behalf of the Division of Raw Materials of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: February 1954
Creator: Bush, Alfred Lerner & Stager, Harold Keith