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Thermodynamic Properties of 65 Elements: Their Oxides, Halides, Carbides and Nitrides

Description: From Introduction: "This Bureau of Mines bulletin was prepared to compile in readily usable form the heat content, heat-of-formation, and free-energy-of-formation data for 65 common elements and their respective oxides, halides, carbides, and nitrides. The bulletin was prepared to encourage the application of thermodynamics in the metallurgical field; consequently, the values have been presented in a simple, readily usable form and several examples of their applications have been shown."
Date: 1963
Creator: Wicks, C. E. & Block, F. E.
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Thermodynamic Properties of Halides

Description: From Introduction: "This compilation is the second in a series revising and expanding Bureau of Mines Bulletin 605, "Thermodynamic Properties of 65 Elements-Their Oxides, Halides, Carbides, and Nitrides," by C. E. Wicks and F. E. Block, published in 1963, and including data available through 1959."
Date: 1984
Creator: Pankratz, L. B.
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Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfides

Description: Bulletin issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines containing a compilation of thermodynamic data regarding sulfides. There are tables for standard heat capacities (includes equations), standard entropies, high-temperature relative enthalpies (includes equations), Gibbs energy functions, enthalpies of formation (includes equations), Gibbs energies of formation (includes equations) and logarithms of the equilibrium constants. Documentation in the introduction explains how the tables are organized and… more
Date: 1987
Creator: Pankratz, L. B.; Mah, Alla D. & Watson, S. W.
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