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Air-Gun Studies of Ferroelectric Materials (Second Printing)

Description: Specimens of two ferroelectric materials, barium titanate and lead-zirconate titanate, have been subjected to high dynamic stresses by impacting them with a projectile accelerated by an air gun. The purpose of these tests was to supplement information previously obtained using high explosives to stress the ferromagnetic materials.
Date: February 6, 1958
Creator: Ripperger, E. A. & Beck, A. F.
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High Velocity Shock Testing, Equipment and Methods

Description: The need for special high velocity shock testing is pointed out and equipment that has been developed to meet these needs is discussed. The concept of velocity-change and its importance in shock-testing technology is brought out. The three types of equipment discussed are: accelerated drop testers, pneumatic actuators, and air guns. Examples of each type and their capabilities and limitations are presented.
Date: July 11, 1960
Creator: Walker, Walter W.
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IBM Problem M Curves

Description: Abstract: Presented here are working graphs of pressure, density, velocity, and temperature from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory calculations (IBM Problem M) of a spherically symmetric explosion in a homogeneous atmosphere.
Date: June 29, 1960
Creator: Broyles, C. D.
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Initial Peak Surge Current Detection Circuits

Description: Test requirements for several components specifies that surge currents be monitored to determine if the initial peak surge current exceeds a certain predetermined amplitude. This report describes and evaluates two circuits which were developed by Organization 2451 to meet this requirement in production testing.
Date: February 1961
Creator: Conrad, Milo M.
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Note on the Numerical Evaluation of Integrals of the Form [integral] [superscript infinity] [subscript infinity] f(x) [golden ratio constant] (x) dx, with Particular Reference to the Determiniation of the Expectation of a Function of a Normally Distributed Random Variable

Description: Abstract: A method is given for the rapid and accurate numerical integration of integrals of the form [integral] [superscript infinity] [subscript infinity] f(x) [golden ratio constant] (x) dx, where f(x) is "smooth."
Date: May 24, 1960
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Phantom Gage Dimensioning (Combined Part/Gage specifications)

Description: Abstract: This memorandum discusses a new design definition technique, requiring no standard, which pictorially shows part and gage limits on the same drawing. When functional gages, test fixtures, or optical chart gages are the selected inspection method, design, manufacturing process, and gage engineers can use these drawings directly to replace the usual standards-based drawings. In essence, this advanced technology visually describes true position dimensioning and tolerancing. It enables pr… more
Date: July 1964
Creator: Roth, E. S.
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A Pulse Ammeter

Description: A quantizing pulse ammeter has been designed which brackets an input pulse current peak between two preset current levels. These levels are easily selected by calibration circuits contained on the chassis. Readout is presented in the form of a Nixie visual display as well as an output which is suitable for automatic data recording.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Newman, J. J.
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