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Field studies of insecticides used to control cabbage caterpillars in the South.

Description: Describes the damage that cabbage caterpillars can cause to plants, and provides the results of scientific research on insecticides to control the caterpillars in the southern United States.
Date: November 1941
Creator: Reid, W. J. (William John), 1902-; Smith, Charles Egan, 1887-; Reed, L. B. (Lucius Brown), 1906- & Thomas, W. A. (William Andrew), 1883-
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Investigations of the parasites of Popillia japonica and related scarabaeidae in the Far East from 1929 to 1933, inclusive.

Description: Describes the results of scientific research of parasites of the Japanese beetle at various stages of the beetle life cycle. The studies were carried out from 1929 to 1933 in Japan, Chosen (Korea), India, and Taiwan.
Date: October 1940
Creator: Gardner, T. R. (Theodore Roosevelt), b. 1899 & Parker, L. B. (Lawrence Bemis), 1901-
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