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Mineral Resources of the Honeycomb Buttes Wilderness Study Area, Fremont and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming

Description: From summary: This report includes field investigations to evaluate the mineral resource potential of the Honeycomb Buttes were conducted during the summer of 1984. Geologic mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys, stratigraphic and sedimentological studies, and surveys of prospects delineated areas of very low grade placer gold deposits in terrace gravels and low and moderate resource potential for additional similar undiscovered placer gold deposits, low and moderate resource poten… more
Date: 1987
Creator: Patterson, Charles G.; Kulik, D. M.; Loen, Jeffrey S.; Koesterer, M. E. & Scott, David C.
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Mineral Resources of the Indian Creek, Bridger Jack Mesa, and Butler Wash Wilderness Study Areas, San Juan County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Indian Creek (UT-060-164), Bridger Jack Mesa (UT-060-167), and Butler Wash (UT-060-169) Wilderness Study Areas are located in San Juan County, southeastern Utah. Inferred subeconomic resources of sandstone and sand and gravel exist within all three wilderness study areas, but because of their abundance throughout the region, their distance from current markets, and their lack of unique properties, these materials have no current likelihood for development.
Date: 1989
Creator: Patterson, Charles G.; Toth, Margo I. & Case, James E.
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Mineral Resources of the Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Area, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Description: From summary: In this report the area studied is referred to as the "wilderness study area" or the "study area". Investigations of mineral occurrences in and near the wilderness study area during 1984 and 1985 indicated high mineral resource potential for undiscovered deposits of coal, moderate potential of oil shale and natural gas, low potential for oil, and identified resources of claystone, shale, and sand.
Date: 1987
Creator: Merewether, E. A.; Kulik, D. M. & Ryan, George S.
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