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Second-law efficiency of solar-thermal cavity receivers

Description: Properly quantified performance of a solar-thermal cavity receiver must not only account for the energy gains and losses as dictated by the First Law of thermodynamics, but it must also account for the quality of that energy. However, energy quality can only be determined from the Second Law. In this paper an equation for the Second-Law efficiency of a cavity receiver is derived from the definition of available energy or availability (occassionally called exergy), which is a thermodynamic prope… more
Date: October 1, 1983
Creator: Moynihan, P. I.
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Solar parabolic dish technology annual evaluation report. Fiscal year 1983

Description: This report summarizes the activities of the JPL Solar Thermal Power Systems Parabolic Dish Project for FY 1983. Included are discussions on designs of module development including their concentrator, receiver, and power conversion subsystem together with a separate discussion of concentrator development. Analyses and test results, along with progress on field tests, Small Community Experiment system development, and tests at the Parabolic Dish Test Site are also included.
Date: April 15, 1984
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Survey of manufacturers of high-performance heat engines adaptable to solar applications

Description: This report summarizes the results of an industry survey made during the summer of 1983. The survey was initiated in order to develop an information base on advanced engines that could be used in the solar thermal dish-electric program. Questionnaires inviting responses were sent to 39 companies known to manufacture or integrate externally heated engines. Follow-up telephone communication ensured uniformity of response.
Date: June 15, 1984
Creator: Stine, W. B.
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Wind loading on solar concentrators: some general considerations

Description: A survey has been completed to examine the problems and complications arising from wind loading on solar concentrators. Wind loading is site specific and has an important bearing on the design, cost, performance, operation and maintenance, safety, survival, and replacement of solar collecting systems. Emphasis herein is on paraboloidal, two-axis tracking systems. Thermal receiver problems also are discussed. Wind characteristics are discussed from a general point of view; current methods for de… more
Date: May 1, 1984
Creator: Roschke, E. J.
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