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Progress Report on AEC Contract on Research and Development Program on Scintillation Crystals: Period 1 January 1956 to 1 April 1956

Description: From Abstract: "This report covers the preliminary literature survey and the screening of activated cesium iodide and several alkali halides to qualitatively determine their luminerscence. The report also includes a proposal of the future work and a proposed budget for the 1957 fiscal year."
Date: April 25, 1956
Creator: Beadle, Robert
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Report #27: Development of Photomultiplier Tubes

Description: From Development of Improved Electron Optics For the 16 Inch Multiplier Phototube: "In order to derive a more efficient electrostatic optical system to be used in conjunction with a large area, 16 inch diameter multiplier phototube the following analysis has been made. This analysis is based on a similar optical system which is to be used in the design of a 16 inch diameter image convertor. At the end on the minifier, we reached the conclusion that the relaxation method constituted the best app… more
Date: March 1958
Creator: Schenkel, F. W.; Snell, P. A.; Bolakas, J. & Bramley, J.
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