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Progress Report on AEC Contract on Research and Development Program on Scintillation Crystals: Period 1 January 1956 to 1 April 1956

Description: From Abstract: "This report covers the preliminary literature survey and the screening of activated cesium iodide and several alkali halides to qualitatively determine their luminerscence. The report also includes a proposal of the future work and a proposed budget for the 1957 fiscal year."
Date: April 25, 1956
Creator: Beadle, Robert
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Report #27: Development of Photomultiplier Tubes

Description: From Development of Improved Electron Optics For the 16 Inch Multiplier Phototube: "In order to derive a more efficient electrostatic optical system to be used in conjunction with a large area, 16 inch diameter multiplier phototube the following analysis has been made. This analysis is based on a similar optical system which is to be used in the design of a 16 inch diameter image convertor. At the end on the minifier, we reached the conclusion that the relaxation method constituted the best approach to the solution of the boundary value potential problem inside an axisymmetrical image convertor."
Date: March 1958
Creator: Schenkel, F. W.; Snell, P. A.; Bolakas, J. & Bramley, J.
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