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Ejecta Studies

Description: One-hundred and forty-six ejecta measurement stations encircled ground zero at eight radial distances ranging from 373 to 1707 meters. The twenty-four sampling lines were spaced at fifteen-degree intervals. Data presented were recovered from stations located at radial distances of 640, 853, 1067, 1280, and 1707 meters. An attempt will be made to recover data at stations located closer to ground zero at a later time. Preliminary analysis of ejecta data indicates that areal density varies inverse… more
Date: October 1, 1962
Creator: Roberts, W. A. & Carlson, R. H.
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Geologic Study of the Sedan Nuclear Crater

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this study was to map the geology of the (Sedan) crater shell and relate the information gained to shell configuration and cratering mechanics. Hopefully, the data presented will be of use in planning future nuclear cratering experiments.
Date: May 1964
Creator: Richards, William D.
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Naval Aerial Photographic Analysis

Description: The procedures and results of extensive pre- and postshot aerial photographic coverage by naval aircraft are described and evaluated. Objectives were to use highperformance photo aircraft to document pre- and postshot ground zero area conditions, to provide aerial photographs for immediate onsite use in operations, and to determine the unique advantages, if any, of this type of photographic coverage. One preshot and three postshot photo missions were run over the ground zero area by flights of … more
Date: January 1, 1963
Creator: Vuillemot, F. L.
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The Sedan Event: On-Site Radiological Safety Report

Description: Summary: The on-site radiological support program for Project Sedan was established to assist in exclusion area control, to ninimize the radiation exposure of participating personnel and observers, and to prevent the spread of radioactive contamination.
Date: October 23, 1962
Creator: Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co. Radiological Safety Division. Health Medicine, and Safety Department.
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Seismic Velocity Study

Description: The performance of pressure-pulse transducers in determining distances of installed gages from small H.E. detonations by measuring seismic wave travel times was evaluated. Because of the superiority of the system time resolution as compared with conventional geophysical exploration equipment, improved accuracy was anticipated as well as an opportunity to dry-run the installed system in the operational environment. Also, a requirement for seismic velocity measurements in situ was fulfilled. Trav… more
Date: December 1962
Creator: Warner, S. E.
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Some Radiochemical and Physical Measurements of Debris From an Underground Nuclear Detonation

Description: Fallout samples were collected from 2600 feet to 19,000 feet from ground zero in order to determine the mass per unit area, gamma activity per unit area, particle size distribution, and specific activity versus particle size of the fallout; to determine the gamma decay rate and spectra of the samples; to perform leaching and exchange studies on the radioactive debris; to measure the release of gaseous fission product iodine; and to determine the radiochemical composition of the fallout particul… more
Date: June 1, 1963
Creator: Lane, W. B.
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