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Project Dugout: Technical Director's Summary Report

Description: From abstract: Project Dugout was a chemical explosive row charge cratering experiment in hard rock conducted at the AEC Nevada Test Site as part of the Plowshare Program for development of nuclear excavation technology.
Date: May 10, 1965
Creator: Nordyke, M. D.; Terhune, R. W.; Rohrer, R. F.; Cauthen, L. J. & Spruill, J. L.
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Close-in Air Blast from a Row Charge in Basalt

Description: From abstract: Close-in air blast measurements were made on the Dugout shot. Major constituents of the blast wave were the ground-shock-induced pulse and the pulse from venting gases. The ground-shock-induced pulse was the dominant one at all stations.
Date: August 4, 1965
Creator: Vortman, Luke J.
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