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Effects of at Atomic Explosion on Group and Family Type Shelters

Description: Two underground shelters (50-man capacity), one open and one closed, were exposed to Apple I shot, and two were exposed to Apple H shot (at 1050 ft). Three basement exit shelters were exposed to Apple I shot at 1350 ft; four were exposed to Apple II shot, two at 1270 ft, and two at 1470 ft. Groups of three aboveground utility type shelters, one of masonry blocks, one of precast reinforced concrete, and one of poured-in-place reinforced concrete, were placed at concrete bathroom shelters were pl… more
Date: December 1, 1955
Creator: Vortman, L. J.
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Gamma- and Neutron-Radiation Measurements

Description: Results are presented from film dosimeters and gold and suifur threshold detectors used to measure gamma radiation neutron fluxes. The bulk of the data reports the results of naeasurements in various shelters and homes. The data are presented in tabular form by project number and shot name in Appendix A. The report also contains results of studies on the effects of neutrons on film dosimeters. (auth)
Date: May 1957
Creator: Deal, L. J.
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