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Cost of NEPA Alternatives

Description: "The objective of this study is to provide an up-to-date documentation of the costs of nuclear electrical generating plants as they relate to site characteristics, in the following areas and systems: Main condenser cooling systems, Transmission, Site access, Food Protection, Plant site earthwork."
Date: August 1981
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Experiment Data Report for Test RIA 1-2

Description: "Recorded test data are presented for the second of six planned tests in the Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA) Test Series 1, Test RIA 1-2. This Test, conducted at the Power Burst Facility, had the following objectives: (1) Characterize the response of preirradiated fuel rods during an RIA event conducted at boiling water reactor hot-startup conditions. (2) Evaluate the effect of rod internal pressure on preirradiated fuel rod response during an RIA event."
Date: June 1979
Creator: Zimmermann, Carolyn L.; White, Christine E. & Evans, Robert P.
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Geologic and hydrologic research at the Western New York Nuclear Service Center, West Valley, New York: final report

Description: "This report is the last in a series by the New York State Geological Survey on studies funded by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The report covers five important aspects of the geology and hydrology of the Western New York Nuclear Service Center, near West Valley, New York: geomorphology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, surface water, and radionuclide analyses. We reviewed past research on these subjects and present new data obtained in the final phase of NYSGS research at the site. Also presented are up-to-date summaries of the present knowledge of geomorphology and stratigraphy."
Date: June 1984
Creator: Albanese, J. R.; Anderson, S. L.; Fakundiny, Robert H.; Potter, S. M.; Rogers, W. B. & Whitbeck, L. F.
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Power burst facility (PBF) severe fuel damage test 1-4: test results report

Description: "A description and evaluation of the major phenomena, based upon the response of on-line instrumentation, analysis of fission product and aerosol data, postirradiation examination of the fuel bundle, and calculations using the SCDAP/RELAP5 computer code, are presented"
Date: April 1989
Creator: Petti, D. A.; Martinson, Zoel R.; Hobbins, Richard R.; Allison, C. M.; Carlson, E. R.; Hagrman, Donald L. et al.
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