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Analysis of Stresses in Bellows

Description: Abstract: Design charts and systematic design forms are presented for simplified calculations to check the number of convolutions and thickness required to limit the deflection and pressure stress range in three types of bellows.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Anderson, W. F.
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Annual Technical Progress Report, AEC Unclassified Programs: Fiscal Year 1968

Description: Annual report with the objectives of evaluating, producing, and maintaining an up-to-date set of basic nuclear data; producing and evaluating multigroup constants; and improving of present day methods of neutronic calculations as related to microscopic and macroscopic nuclear data, for unclassified research sponsored by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission during FY 1968.
Date: May 24, 1969
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Boiling Studies for Sodium Reactor Safety: Part 1, Experimental Apparatus and Results of Initial Tests and Analysis

Description: Abstract: An experimental and analytical research program is described which is designed to meet certain specific needs for data and methods required to make improved predictions of transient voids, burnout, flow, and fuel temperature during extreme accidents in sodium-cooled reactors.
Date: August 30, 1963
Creator: Noyes, R. C.
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Chemical Development, Quarterly Progress Report, October-December 1953.

Description: Introduction - The work of the Chemical Development Group has included studies on the thermal and radiation stability of organic materials suitable for reactor coolants, the thermal and radiation stability of zirconium hydride, reactor safety devices involving chemical systems, and general analytical development.
Date: June 15, 1954
Creator: Loftness, R. L.
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The Chemical Effects of 1 Mev Electrons on BrF3 at 25 degrees C

Description: "An investigation of the chemical effects of 1-Mev electrons on BrF3 at 25 degrees C has been carried out. Pressure measurements taken during the irradiation suggest the presence of Br2 and BrF5 as decomposition products and a fractional distillation of the irradiated liquid confirmed their presence. The extent of decomposition was determined both by fraction distillation and spectrophotometric methods. The radiation effect seemed to reach saturation when approximately 10 per cent of the BrF3… more
Date: October 1, 1954
Creator: Yosim, S. J.
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The Closest Packing of Spheres (A Unifying Basis for Crystal Structures)

Description: "An intuitive approach to the understanding of crystal structures is presented in terms of the concept of the closest packing of spheres. The qualitative features of the concept are sorted out and correlated by successively treating single, double, triple, and multiple layered arrays of closest packed spheres" (p. ix).
Date: July 30, 1961
Creator: Gehman, William G.
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A Conceptual Design of a Thorium-Uranium (233) Power Breeder Reactor

Description: From abstract: A conceptual design study has been performed for a sodium cooled, graphite moderated, thermal power-breeder reactor utilizing the Thorium-Uranium 233 breeding cycle. Several aspects of the design of the system are considered but no attempt has been made to supply all the details. It appears that the design presented is feasible and will allow the production of economic power as well as full utilization of thorium resources.
Date: February 1, 1954
Creator: Henrie, J. O. & Weisner, E. F.
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