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2006 Sea Turtle and Pelagic Fish Sensory Physiology Workshop, September 12-13, 2006

Description: From summary: This report summarizes the findings reported by collaborating scientists at the 4th Sea Turtle and Pelagic Fish Sensory Physiology Workshop hosted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences Eastern Shore Laboratory in Wachapregue, Virginia during September 12-13, 2006...The primary objective of the research is to develop techniques and/or commercially viable devices that eliminate or substantially reduce interactions of sea turtles with longline fishing gear while not reducing c… more
Date: October 2007
Creator: Swimmer, Yonat & Wang, John H.
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2012 Economic Cost Earnings of Pelagic Longline Fishing in Hawaii

Description: From abstract: This report presents findings from the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) cost-earnings study of the Hawaii-based longline fishery fleet which primarily targets bigeye tuna and swordfish...This report also compares 2012 results with the previous cost-earnings studies of the Hawaii longline fleet that examines the economic profiles of the fleet for 2000 and 2005 operations.
Date: October 2016
Creator: Kalberg, Kolter & Pan, Minling
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American Somoa as a Fishing Community

Description: From abstract: Monitoring the institutional, socioeconomic, and cultural aspects of fishing is just as important as monitoring fish populations and habitat in ensuring American Samoa's ability to sustain itself as a fishing community.
Date: July 2009
Creator: Allen, Stewart
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An Annotated Bibliography of the Ecology of the Co-Occurring Tunas (Katsuwonus pelomis, Thunnus albacares) and Dolphins (Stenella attenuata, Stenella longirostris and Delphinus delphus) in the Easter Tropical Pacific

Description: From introduction: This bibliography was compiled to provide a source of information on the ecology of the co-occurring tunas and dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP). While some of the articles give information concerning distribution and ecology of tunas and dolphins in other geographic areas, the primary focus is on the tunas and dolphins that occur together in the ETP.
Date: November 1982
Creator: Hawes, Sandra D.
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Attitudes and Preferences of Hawaii Non-commercial Fishermen: Report from the 2015 Hawaii Saltwater Recreational Fishing Survey, Volume 1

Description: The following document is a survey designed to elicit information of utility to resource managers of Hawaiian recreational saltwater fisheries. The survey includes information on angler participation, perspectives on the marine environment, preferences for fisheries management, and angler demographics.
Date: October 2016
Creator: Madge, Leila; Hospital, Justin & Williams, Ellary Tucker
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The Biology and Population Status of Marine Turtles in the North Pacific Ocean

Description: From objectives and scope of work: The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive review of the biology and population status of sea turtles potentially subject to entanglement in North Pacific high-seas driftnet fisheries. The report will assist National Marine Fisheries Service efforts to assess the impacts of the driftnet fisheries on threatened and endangered sea turtle populations.
Date: September 1993
Creator: Eckert, Karen L.
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Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum)

Description: Report on the status of bumphead parrotfish in relation to their status in accordance to the Endangered Species Act. The Team finds that there is a low plausibility of bumphead parrotfish being driven to extinction.
Date: September 2011
Creator: Kobayashi, Donald; Friedlander, Alan; Grimes, Churchill; Nichols, Ryan & Zgliczynski, Brian
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Calculating Acceptable Biological Catch for Stocks that have Reliable Catch Data Only (Only Reliable Catch Stocks -- ORCS)

Description: From summary: This report reviews existing methods for setting catch limits for ORCS ("only reliable catch stocks"). Each approach is briefly summarized followed by a description of the required data, the major assumptions and consequent cautionary advice in utilizing the particular approach along with examples of its implementation, and the pros and cons of using the approach as views by the Working Group.
Date: May 2011
Creator: Berkson, Jim; Barbieri, Luiz; Cadrin, Steve; Cass-Calay, Shannon; Crone, Paul; Dorn, Martin et al.
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Catch and Effort from Hawaii's Longline Fishery Summarized by Quarters and Five Degree Squares

Description: This report provides quarterly and yearly summaries of Hawaii's pelagic longline catch (numbers of fish) and effort (hooks) reported by five-degree (latitude by longitude) squares based on the National Marine Fisheries Service longline logbook program. Species summarized include albacore, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, swordfish, mahimahi, and wahoo.
Date: January 1996
Creator: Curran, Daniel S.; Boggs, Christofer H. & He, Xi
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Censuses and Interatoll Movements of the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island, 1985

Description: Abstract: Research on the Laysan Island population of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, was conducted from 2 march to 30 November 1985. census totals excluding pups ranged from 76 to 147, an average increase of nearly 20 animals from the 1984 census results. Overall monthly haul-out distribution for all seals showed highest use in the north ecological unit followed by the west unit. Relatively few animals hauled out in the eastern and southern portions of the island. In… more
Date: September 1989
Creator: Becker, Brenda L.; Morrow, Robert J. & Leialoha, Julia K.
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Chemoreception in Loggerhead Sea Turtles: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Chemical Deterrents to Prevent Sea Turtle Interactions with Longline Fishing Gear

Description: From introduction: The following document presents results from a series of studies designed and conducted to assess the chemosensory abilities of loggerhead turtles and explores the feasibility of using chemical deterrents to present sea turtles from interacting with longline fishing gear.
Date: July 2007
Creator: Southwood, Amanda; Higgins, Benjamin; Brill, Richard & Swimmer, Yonat
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Clinical Observations of Ocular Disease in Hawaiian Monk Seals (Monachus schauinslandi)

Description: From abstract: In 1995, 12 undersized, weaned female Hawaiian monk seal pups were captured at French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands... Eleven of the pups developed clinical signs of an eye disease between 12 and 46 days after capture... The cause of the eye disease and the site where it originated remain unknown.
Date: March 2009
Creator: Hanson, Mark T.; Aguirre, A. Alonso & Braun, Robert C.
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Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands as a Fishing Community

Description: From introduction and purpose: This report describes the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) as a fishing community. We have tried to strike a balance between the report being concise enough to be useful while covering the full range of topics and issues necessary to describe CNMI as a fishing community...This report will be updated periodically as social, economic, and environmental conditions change and fishermen and fisheries management adapt to those changes.
Date: November 2012
Creator: Allen, Stewart D. & Amesbury, Judith R.
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Comprehensive (1986-2001) Characterization of Size at Sexual Maturity for Hawaiian Spiny Lobster (Panulirus marginatus) and Slipper Lobster (Scyllarides squammosus) in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Description: Report on "estimate body size at sexual maturity for Hawaiian spiny lobster and slipper lobster using all available fishery independent research catch data from 1986 to 2001." (pg. 1)
Date: September 2002
Creator: DeMartini, Edward E.; Kleiber, Pierre & DiNardo, Gerard T.
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Shallow Reef Fish Populations at French Frigate Shoals and Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (1992/93,1995-2000)

Description: From abstract: This document represents the sixth and last of a series of Honolulu Laboratory reports providing estimates of shallow reef fish population densities based on diver-surveys conducted at roughly annual intervals at two sites (French Frigate Shoals (FFS) and Midway Atoll (Midway) in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI)). The purpose of the time series has been to develop the capability to characterize the standing stock densities of shallow reef fishes, as one potentially import… more
Date: December 2002
Creator: DeMartini, Edward E.; Parrish, Frank A. & Boland, Raymond C.
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Corrected Catch Histories and Logbook Accuracy for Billfishes (Isiophoridae) in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery

Description: From abstract: This paper presents corrected catch histories, standardized catch rates, and evaluations of the accuracy of federally mandated commercial logbooks for billfishes taken as incidental catch by the Hawaii-based longline fishery. The study was conducted because billfish misidentifications in logbooks caused by similarities in body size, shape, and coloration have long represented a major challenge in monitoring this fishery.
Date: December 2007
Creator: Walsh, William A.; Bigelow, Keith A. & Ito, Russell Y.
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Deep-Sea Shrimp Trapping for Heterocarpus laevigatus in the Hawaiian Archipelago by a Commercial Fishing Vessel

Description: This report summarizes the catch rate of the Heterocarpus laevigatus from the most productive shipping vessel in Hawaii, 1984, the Mokihana. The statistics provide a fairly comprehensive geographic survey of the relative abundance of the species along the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Date: March 1988
Creator: Tagami, Darryl T. & Barrows, Scott
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Depth Distributions, Growth, and Mortality of Deep Slope Fishes from the Mariana Archipelago

Description: This report provides detailed summaries of in-depth analyses of the population dynamics that represent the first description of population parameters for many if not most of the lutjanids, serranids, and carangids studied in the Mariana Archipelago. The intent of this paper is to summarize these biological findings during a 5-year program.
Date: June 1988
Creator: Ralston, Stephen V. & Williams, Happy A.
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