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Acoustic Emission/Flaw Relationships for Inservice Monitoring of LWRs

Description: "The program concerning Acoustic Emission/Flaw Relationships for Inservice Monitoring of LWRs was entitled in FY76 with the objective of validating the application of acoustic emission (AE) to monitor nuclear reactor pressure-containing components during operation to detect cracking."
Date: October 1991
Creator: Hutton, P. H.; Kurtz, R. J.; Friesel, M. A.; Skorpik, J. R. & Dawson, J. F.

Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map

Description: Bouguer gravity anomaly map derived from the data set and accompanying the report to document the data sources and the procedures used in the reduction of the data.
Date: October 1980
Creator: Keller, G. Randy; Russell, D. R.; Hinze, William J.; Reed, J. E. & Geraci, Philip J.
Location: None
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Compilation, Assessment and Expansion of the Strong Earthquake Ground Motion Data Base: Seismic Margins Research Program (SSMRP)

Description: A catalog had been prepared which contains information for world-wide, ground-motion accelerograms, the accelerogaph sites where these records were obtained, and the seismological parameters of the causative earthquakes.
Date: September 1980
Creator: Crouse, C. B.; Hileman, J. A.; Turner, B. E. & Martin, G. R.
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Cost of NEPA Alternatives

Description: "The objective of this study is to provide an up-to-date documentation of the costs of nuclear electrical generating plants as they relate to site characteristics, in the following areas and systems: Main condenser cooling systems, Transmission, Site access, Food Protection, Plant site earthwork."
Date: August 1981
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Evaluation of trench subsidence and stabilization at Sheffield low-level radioactive waste disposal facility : Sheffield, Illinois, final report, October 15, 1980-March 30, 1981

Description: "This report presents the results of the evaluation of trench subsidence and possible future stabilization techniques at the Sheffield Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, Sheffield, Illinois."
Date: May 1981
Creator: Kahle, R. & Rowlands, J.
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Experiment Data Report for Test RIA 1-2

Description: "Recorded test data are presented for the second of six planned tests in the Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA) Test Series 1, Test RIA 1-2. This Test, conducted at the Power Burst Facility, had the following objectives: (1) Characterize the response of preirradiated fuel rods during an RIA event conducted at boiling water reactor hot-startup conditions. (2) Evaluate the effect of rod internal pressure on preirradiated fuel rod response during an RIA event."
Date: June 1979
Creator: Zimmermann, Carolyn L.; White, Christine E. & Evans, Robert P.
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