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Censuses and Interatoll Movements of the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island, 1985

Description: Abstract: Research on the Laysan Island population of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, was conducted from 2 march to 30 November 1985. census totals excluding pups ranged from 76 to 147, an average increase of nearly 20 animals from the 1984 census results. Overall monthly haul-out distribution for all seals showed highest use in the north ecological unit followed by the west unit. Relatively few animals hauled out in the eastern and southern portions of the island. In… more
Date: September 1989
Creator: Becker, Brenda L.; Morrow, Robert J. & Leialoha, Julia K.
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Deep-Sea Shrimp Trapping for Heterocarpus laevigatus in the Hawaiian Archipelago by a Commercial Fishing Vessel

Description: This report summarizes the catch rate of the Heterocarpus laevigatus from the most productive shipping vessel in Hawaii, 1984, the Mokihana. The statistics provide a fairly comprehensive geographic survey of the relative abundance of the species along the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Date: March 1988
Creator: Tagami, Darryl T. & Barrows, Scott
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Depth Distributions, Growth, and Mortality of Deep Slope Fishes from the Mariana Archipelago

Description: This report provides detailed summaries of in-depth analyses of the population dynamics that represent the first description of population parameters for many if not most of the lutjanids, serranids, and carangids studied in the Mariana Archipelago. The intent of this paper is to summarize these biological findings during a 5-year program.
Date: June 1988
Creator: Ralston, Stephen V. & Williams, Happy A.
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Field Manual for Phocid Necropsies (Specifically Monachus schauinslandi)

Description: From introduction: This necropsy manual is a guide for students and technicians in the examination of dead phocids, specifically the Hawaiian monk seal. With this manual, the person performing the necropsy should be able to conduct a gross examination of a monk seal and collect the necessary tissues for microscopic pathology and toxicological studies. The necropsy instructions are based on the assumption that the seal's carcass is very fresh and time is not a limiting factor.
Date: July 1990
Creator: Winchell, Jane M.
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Forces of Change in Hawaii's Aku (Skipjack Tuna) Industry, 1986 : Workshop Summary

Description: From preface: This is a report of a workshop on the Forces of change in Hawaii's aku (skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis) industry. The workshop was held on April 30 and May 1, 1986 in Honolulu, Hawaii and was coordianted by the Southwest Fisheries Center (SWFC) Honolulu Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA. The objectives of the workshop were: 1. To review the status and current research on Hawaii's aku fishery, and 2. To introduce and prepare background material for discussion a… more
Date: April 1987
Creator: Boggs, Christofer H. & Pooley, Samuel G.
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The Hawaiian Monk Seal and Green Turtle on Necker Island, 1983

Description: Abstract: Between 24 July and 6 August 1983, a two-person National Marine Fisheries Service field camp examined the Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, and green turtle, Chelonia mydas, populations of Necker Island. Forty-three seals were identified, photographic records for seal identification were made, and 21 animals were bleach marked. Of three pups at Necker, only one weaned during the study period and was tagged. A pregnant femals was found dead and a necropsy was performed. Eight… more
Date: October 1985
Creator: Morrow, Robert J. & Buelna, Elizabeth K.
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Hawaiian Monk Seal Observations and Captive Maintenance Project at Kure Atoll, 1981

Description: This is an observational report on captive seal pups along Green Island and Sand Island during the 1981 population observations. Some pups were flipper-tagged after weaning, five females were kept in a large beach enclosure for observation, then released September 2nd.
Date: March 1986
Creator: Gilmartin, William G.; Morrow, Robert J. & Houtman, Anne M.
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The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island, 1983

Description: This report describes data collected during an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal on Laysan Island during April 23 to July 21 1983. The data collected is on population size, reproduction, and factors affecting survival of the endangered species. There is also a description of a "mobbing" by adult males, resulting in death of a subadult female; the haul out of seals on the south ledge; and the transport of a juvenile male to Honolulu to initiate a captive research program.
Date: March 1989
Creator: Alcorn, Doris J. & Buelna, Elizabeth K.
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The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island: 1984

Description: This is a report on a study that took place in 1984 on Laysan Island. This was an observational study on the Hawaiian monk seal population, including an event with aggressive males and injuries from it. During this observation, seals have been injured, one died and two others disappear.
Date: March 1987
Creator: Johanos, Thea C.; Kam, Alan K. H. & Forsyth, Robert G.
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The Hawaiian Monk Seal on Lisianski Island: 1983

Description: This is a report on the observational study over the population and findings of monk seal on Lisianski Island in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. This report summarizes the data taken during the time-frame between the 25th of April and the 9th of August, 1983.
Date: February 1986
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Kam, Alan K. H.
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Hawaiian Monk Seal Population Monitoring, Pup Captive Maintenance Program, and Incidental Observations of the Green Turtle at Kure Atoll, 1985

Description: This is a report based on the the findings of an observational study over the monk seals on the Kure Atoll. The studies take place between January 30 to October 23, 1985. There's a focus on pups they took captive before release, and by chance there are reports of two tagged green turtles.
Date: January 1988
Creator: Reddy, Michelle L. & Griffith, Carrie A.
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Hawaiian Monk Seal Population Research, Lisianski Island, 1982

Description: This is a report on observation data collected between the 17th of March and the 14th of September, as well as between the 26 of October and the 22nd of November in 1982 of the population of the Hawaiian monk seal at Lisianski Island. Data includes birth of pups, weaning, molting, and other factors that may influence the haul-out patterns. Injuries and deaths were also documented.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Stone, H. Sheridan
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Hawaiian Monk Seal Reproduction and Injuries on Lianski Island, 1982

Description: Abstract: data on the Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schnauinslandi, including pup production, pupping locations, and injuries at Lisianski Island in 1982 are presented. Twenty-eight pups were born, of which 26 survived to weaning. Of the observed births, 75% occurred on the east side of the island. Average nursing period for 14 mother-pup pairs was 37.4 days. One exchange of pups was observed. Ten seals were injured while personnel were present on the island. Four of these injuries were attribut… more
Date: July 1986
Creator: Johanos, Thea C. & Henderson, John R.
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Observations of the Hawaiian Monk Seal on Laysan Island from 1977 through 1980

Description: This is a report based on the observational data collected from Laysan Island on the Hawaiian monk seal. The data collected comes from the observations between 1977 through 1980, reflecting the population and what influences its increase/decrease in number. This includes reproduction patterns and survival rates.
Date: October 1984
Creator: Johnson, Brian W. & Johnson, Patricia A.
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